Former Imo deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso breaks long silence.

AGBASO-JUDEThe former Deputy Governor of Imo State Sir Jude Agbaso has described the on-going report by the Imo state Government that he has withdrawn his court action challenging his impeachment as false, deceptive and mischievous.

This was contained in a recent press statement by the embattled former Deputy Governor.

Agbaso said that what was withdrawn from the Supreme Court was an interlocutory appeal arising from the case on whether the matter should be tried under the originating summons procedure or on full evidence and not the substantive case.

While claiming the case was set for hearing in the High Court, the Emekuku-Owerri-born proprietor of Agad Company Limited berated the state government and accused its media handlers of trying to deceive the public with the report.

‘Everybody knows that my impeachment was one of the unpardonable evils by the Rochas Okorocha Government which will forever hunt the administration. The government is afraid of me because it knows that when justice comes, I will be vindicated and the evil and atrocities committed in that impeachment will come to lime light. That is why the government is trying to give the impression that the case has been withdrawn.’

On his experience as a deputy governor, Agbaso had this to say:

‘When I was a deputy governor, things were rightly done. This was because I believe that our people need the best of leadership. But the maladministration being witnessed in Imo State today started immediately I was impeached. Initially the governor gave us the impression that he wanted to provide good leadership for the state. However, I did not know that he meant otherwise’, he concluded.

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