Update on Chief Arthur Nzeribe’s health condition.

nzeribe2Last week, you read here on IMO STATE BLOG that Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe had a great fall that sent him to the operating room. He was admitted at the Turkish Hospital , Abuja to repair his skull. Damaze had fractured his skull when he fell in his bathtub. Read all about it here

According to our impeccable source, it didn’t just end with a broken skull. Chief Nzeribe also broke his hip bone.  When the Doctors were convinced that his condition was stable enough, his family was granted consent to fly him out to a London hospital (withheld)  for further treatment.

He was flown to London in an air ambulance where sources tell IMO STATE BLOG that he is recuperating from a hip -transplant but they worry about his ability to cope with his age.

Please continue to hold Chief Nzeribe  up in your prayers especially as his younger brother, Emmanuel  who died a few days back is still in the mortuary.



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