FIREWORKS: IMSG reacts to Eze Ilomuanya’s Federal appointment.

imsgThe attention of the Imo State Government has been drawn to the media report that the President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has appointed Cletus Ilomuanya, the Chancellor of the Federal University, Benin Kebbi in Kebbi State, with the reports also indicating that the appointment must have been given to him wrongly in his capacity as a traditional ruler and Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Rulers. And this aspect of the report with regard to the appointment is our concern.

Again, looking at the comprehensive list of the appointed Chancellors, they are all traditional rulers from the various States of the federation, and such development only authenticated the claim that Mr. President must have erroneously given Ilomuanya the appointment on the perceived notion that he is still a traditional ruler in the State and the Chairman of the State Council of traditional rulers.

Let us make it abundantly clear that we are not bothered about who gets what from President Jonathan in terms of appointments because as President he has the legal protection to make a lot of appointments without explanation to anybody or group. But it becomes somewhat disturbing when some of the appointments impugn on the lawful actions of a State Government or on the authority of a federating State.

Ilomuanya had long been removed by the State Government as the Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Rulers. And the matter to that effect is still pending at the Supreme Court. He has also been dethroned as the traditional ruler of Obinugwu Autonomous Community and a new traditional ruler had been installed and given Staff of Office and Certificate of recognition for long now. In other words, he is no more a traditional ruler and is not also the Chairman of the traditional Rulers Council in the State.

So, for Mr. President to continue to disregard these lawful steps of the State Government against Ilomuanya through his actions including the latest appointment as a Chancellor on the basis of his being a traditional ruler and Chairman of the traditional rulers Council is not only disturbing but unfortunate.

It should also be explained that before now, the State Government had sent all the Correspondences with regard to Ilomuanya’s removal as the Councils’ Chairman and his dethronement as a traditional ruler to Mr. President. Yet, inspite of these Correspondences, few weeks to the election, the President came to the State at the instance of Ilomuanya and they broke into the head office of the Traditional Rulers Council with the assistance of armed Security Personnel.

Mr. President has been in the venture of removing people from certain offices or positions, yet he does not want to respect similar actions by a State Government. It has become increasingly worrisome that the President has continued to use Ilomuanya to slight the State Government for no just reason.

When Mr. President called to Congratulate General Mohammadu Buhari who won the Presidential election, most Nigerians and other world leaders highly commended him, but it is grossly disturbing that the most recent actions of the President have begun to eat deep into such commendations and accolades. One would have wished that Mr. President avoids some of these latest controversies and allow the remaining part of the ovation that greeted his Congratulation of General Buhari to remain.

As a matter of fact, we take exception to the appointment of Ilomuanya as Chancellor of a University erroneously in his capacity as a traditional ruler via-visa as Chairman of the traditional rulers Council in the State. It is not even advisable to appoint a man in various Courts of the land over his removal and dethronement as both traditional ruler and Chairman of the traditional rulers Council Chancellor of an Institution like University.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor On Media




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