RIGHT OF REPLY: Barr.Rex Anunobi responds with 10 questions.


The last has not been heard on the allegations raised by Barr. Rex Anunobi. In Act 1 scene1, the Nkwerre born politician alleged that on the day of the supplementary elections, he was beaten up and kidnapped from a polling unit in Omuma by not less than 15 hefty men who he said were acting on the orders of the federal lawmaker Senator representing Orlu in the red chamber. (If you missed it, read it here)

In Act 1 scene 2, the Distinguished Senator Uzodinma broke his silence and granted an exclusive interview to IMO STATE BLOG where he debunked the allegations. Sen.Uzodinma said that on the contrary, Anunobi was the one who showed up at the polling unit in the company of some boys with the aim of disrupting the voting exercise. Sen.Uzodinma also expressed  disappointment over what he described as a blackmail attempt by Barr. Anunobi considering that he had helped in establishing him over the years and said that Anunobi’s attack on his person was to gain political favor from the Rochas Okorocha administration. (Read all about it here)

 Act 2 Scene 1 has Barr.Rex Anunobi stepping forward with ten questions in his response. See below:

I have read Senator Hope Uzodinma’s response with amusement as infantile lies of a drowning man whose political and criminal cup is full, hence nemesis has caught up with him. I hope he is not dragging me to full disclosures of who Senator Hope Uzodinma is as I am only concerned about the case at hand . And I challenge him to dare me and I will be left with no other alternative than to open up on the real Hope Uzodinma.

THE QUESTIONS ARE: 1. Was I officially posted to booth 013 in Omuma Ward in Oru East LGA as APC Party Agent for the Gubernatorial Supplementary election on the 25th of April, 2015? Answer : YES.

2. Did Sen. Hope Uzodinma storm the polling booth with HOODLUMS wearing black and black, armed policemen and DSS, Hon. C. C. Osuala, Dr. Chidi Uzoma, Emeka Anyaehie? Answer : Yes.

3. Did Senator Hope Uzodinma in company of all these people mentioned, confront me and order his Criminal Gang to deal with me? Answer : Yes.

4. Was I beaten and brutalised by his gang? Answer : Yes.

5. Was I thereafter dumped into his official bus with 4 of his gang men keeping watch over me while himself and the rest of his gang engaged in thumb printing of ballot papers and stuffing of ballot boxes? Answer : Yes.

6. After the thumb printing of ballot papers and stuffing of ballot boxes, did he and his gang drove away with me and another APC Agent from Omuma? Answer : Yes.

7. On his way, did he and his convoy with us as victims run into a Police team in charge of the election being led by Assistant Inspector General of Police (Femi Ogunaika), the Commissioner of Police incharge of Counter Terrorism Force (Shuaib Gambo), and the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Edo State (Mike Igini )? Answer : Yes.

8. Was his convoy blocked front and back with 2 police Hilux vehicles to prevent them from escaping, and was everyone including himself, despite all his entreaties that he is Senator Hope Uzodinma, ordered to come down from the vehicles in his convoy, and everyone came down, and I and the other kidnapped victim were rescued from his official white bus? Answer : Yes.

9. Was himself, his sister, the Hoodlums, INEC Ad Hoc Staffs, ballot boxes already stuffed with thumb printed ballot papers when Accreditation is yet to end arrested and impounded ? Answer : Yes

10. Was he later after about 30 minutes, released with his official Orderly while the sister, Hoodlums, INEC Staffs and the ballot boxes full with thumb printed ballot papers taken to Owerri Police Command HQ and the suspects handed over to the CP Imo State and DC, State CID for interrogation and detention? Answer : Yes.

11. Did all of them make statement under caution and detained? Answer : Yes.

Barr.Rex Anunobi (Sokom)

In conclusion, Barr. Anunobi said that his  rescue wasn’t by myself but by a combined team of very senior police officers and the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner. He adds that the matter at the moment is at  the State CID in Owerri and called on anyone who cared to investigate to proceed to the CID to crosscheck facts.  







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