Now that Owelle has been re-elected – By Chinomso Unegbu

readers-mail-1Owelle has been elected for the second time to lead Imo and Imolites have spoken whether you supported or not or sat on the fence. The fight was fierce but a winner has finally emerged.

While I congratulate Owelle on his well deserved victory, I urge his opponent to accept defeat with honor and dignity because you cannot elect yourself to lead Imo, only Imolites can, but if their is a genuine cause to challenge the results, please use the judicial system but understand it’s not a do or die affair.

Many lost their lives, many lost their friendships many lost heavily financially but the tides have settled and Imo must continue its sail with Owelle as the ship captain.

It’s time for Imolites to come together to participate in the Governance and not to remain polarized, waiting for him to misstep so they prove to the World he was the wrong captain for the ship. If we relax our guards and vigilance, our “ship” may hit the “iceberg” and all onboard may be at risk.

If you think you can do better, do not resort to violence or blackmail or engage in acts capable of making Imo ungovernable, but begin now to formulate your strategy of taking over captainship. Do not amass billions to share on the Election Day because that method is getting obsolete. Let’s join hands and make sure the Governor-elect is properly guided so Imo can be greater!

Written by Chinomso Unegbu



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