So what if the President-elect is Muslim or a Northerner? – Joi John

My Photo of the day featured the President-elect, Gen.Muhammadu Buhari lacing up his shoes to head to the farm. The first comment was fired by a lady of Igbo extraction like myself who questioned why I had “so much interest in a core muslim and northerner.”

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jj signatureSo what if the President-elect , Gen.Muhammadu Buhari is Muslim or a Northerner?.

To the likes of of Rosemary Ihejirika Nwachukwu, Victor Dike who have silently nursed this question within them, I will set a few things straight:

I am a detribalized Nigerian. I didn’t grow up learning to hate or despise another tribe. My parents taught me better than that. My siblings and I were raised learning to embrace all.

I grew up with the understanding that though our tribe and tongues may differ, unity and the spirit of togetherness was the key to unlock our prosperity as a nation.

That unity can only be achieved if we move beyond the primitive mindset that prompted this question. We must work collectively to put an end to tribalism and the time is ripe. Let the healing process begin today.

 Joi John



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