IMSG replies Orji Uzor Kalu over remarks on Okorocha, APC.

imsgOur attention has been drawn to the two-page interview by the former Abia State Governor, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu in Daily sun newspaper last Thursday in which case he made some offensive remarks against the Imo state Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his party, the APC.

The former Abia State Governor for eight years said in the referenced interview that the PDP will win landslide in Imo state and that people like him will be in the front burner of that campaign. He also said that Governor Okorocha made mistake by joining APC and finally described APC as a “wrong party.”

First and foremost, we take the liberty to state with every sense of seriousness that the former Abia state governor did not have any information, talk more the correct one, on the political situation in Imo state at the moment. He also didn’t talk like a known democrat. In all, his comments were provoking because he had no reason to begin to predict political misfortune for the Imo governor.

For a two-term former governor of a state and a vibrant political player like Kalu do describe a legally registered political party like APC with prominent Nigerians of all shades as members, as a wrong party calls for deep concern. With the level of his political exposure, the former Abia governor would have known that no duly registered political party is a wrong party.

And for the former governor’s threat that the PDP would win landslide in Imo state in 2015 and that people like him would lead the campaign, we wouldn’t wish them goodluck but the fact remains that those with the correct information on what the political scenario in the state at the moment looks like would be nodding in doubt, because they know that there is no man-made formula that would make the PDP win the 2015 election in Imo state, and the members of the party in the state are aware of this obvious fact.

Governor Okorocha has taken delivery of the electorate in the state through his monumental projects including the free education at all levels, infrastructural development and so on. And we are talking about projects that are on ground and can be verified. So when the time comes, Governor Okorocha would show Imo people what he has achieved for them in four years, and the PDP in the state will also be asked to do the same for the 12 years they held sway in the state. And alarm will definitely bow. That is where men like the former Abia governor would meet the brick wall, because victory in an election must be occasioned by something. It does not happen in the vacuum.

The former Abia governor should go back to those working with him over their political project in Imo state and ask them to be honest to him by telling him whether the PDP has any good story for Imo people arising from the 12 years the party governed the state. If they tell him the truth, he would know that the victory of the governorship election in the state in 2015 is in the custody of Imo people and they would hand it over to the man who has proved to them that leadership is all about service to God and humanity, and not all about pleasure.

Chief Kalu is one of the respected Igbo sons and he should be conscious of that when talking about politics in other states in the South-East than his own state, Abia to avoid certain idiosyncrasies. So, for Imo, PDP is no longer living but just existing, and does not have the capacity to win any election in Imo state either now or in future.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media



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