Condolences, Prophet T.B Joshua – By: Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

synagoue collapseWords are scarce for me to express how deeply concerned I am about the tragedy that occurred at the popular Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun Egbe in Lagos State. As at the last count, more than seventeen people have been confirmed dead, while about one hundred and twenty others are in a better dead situation, having been sniffed out of the rubble of a ‘five’ storey building. Their pains and the horrors are better imagined than felt. To these and their families I extend a heartfelt condolence for the pains and the losses. To Prophet T.B Joshua, I express my condolences for a different reason. You will find that out as you read on.

t-b-joshuaProphet T.B Joshua has been apotheosized by most, if not all his followers. So much so, that they no longer look to God for their miracles but to the man; T.B Joshua. It is not unusual to hear such blind followers of his praying through the G(g)od of T.B Joshua and giving T.B Joshua all the acronyms that should have been reserved for the supernatural. They put his photographs in their rooms, cars and offices, worshiping or adoring him all the time. But they quarrel wth us when we adore and bless the statutes of our Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the Saints. While it is not of me to say whether Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God or not, I do know that the Bible has stories on the practices and concentrations of real men of God of yonder years. I know that Prophets Samuel, Elijah, Elisha and all the other prophets of God never stopped at anything in discouraging any sort of apotheosis towards them. They rebuked those who tried to give them the glory due unto God. And there is none of their prophecies that was shrouded in any form of confusion. Their messages were very clear and devoid of the slightest ambiguity. They never amassed wealth for themselves or their families. I know there was a particular Prophet in the Bible who was offered expensive gifts by a well placed foreigner whom he cured of an ailment,the Prophet in keeping to God’s commandment of receiving free and giving free, declined the offer and when one of his aides went behind to collect the same gifts, he transferred the ailment to him. This is the extent to which God hates pecuniary pursuits by His Prophets and messengers. My Bible tells me that Christ was poor, and if Christ could be poor, I should have my doubts over any of His Prophets or followers who amasses and exhibits stupendous material wealth.

Back to the matter at hand. Prophet T.B Joshua has intentionally or unintentionally portrayed himself before His followers as one without errors, and as a man who knows all things before they happen. Because if you can perfectly predict the outcome of a football match long before it is played, then, you should know everything before its happening. I think God wanted to save a good number of His own followers by allowing this incident to take place. God, I am told is a jealous God; He does not tolerate it when a man shares in His glory or worship. Could it be that Prophet T.B Joshua was trying to share or is sharing in the glory which should be exclusive to Jehovah? Then, God wanted to save those special to His heart from the damnation which awaits idolaters; for any obeisance and worship which is not completely directed to God is idolatry. God does not tolerate a dilution of the worship meant for Him. Worship Him in spirit and truth or don’t worship Him at all.

My condolence to Prophet T.B Joshua is therefore in view of the fact that he will likely lose a good chunk of those who are called by God, because they would have realized the fact that T.B Joshua is nothing but a man, just like themselves. He is not and can never become infallible. He is like you and I, and you can be used as much as God is using him, if you submit yourself for that purpose. Losing his followers will actually mean bad business for this soft-spoken and powerful clergy, hence, my condolences. His value before the world will certainly diminish. I do not scorn him, but I say the truth as it is. You can believe something else, it is your right.

I read from Joi John”s wall that one of T.B Joshua’s followers sent her a mail telling her how Christ could not predict or eschew His own death, and I must say that whoever believes such lie is a baby Christian or at best a pretentious Christian. Christ’ death and all the events surrounding His crucifixion was not just known by Christ, but Prophets who lived hundreds of years before His coming. Let me also say it that Christ’s death was not in anyway a tragedy, it is rather the only guarantee of our salvation as Christians. If Christ did not die, we would not have had the opportunity of redemption which His death and crucifixion represent.

It is unfortunate that these new generation Prophets and miracle workers are fast replacing the witch doctors and sorcerers of old. People go to these churches not for salvation and repentance which should be the forte of Christian faith, but they go seeking one miracle or the other prophecy. Miracles, healing, and prophecies are gratis from God, they should not form our inspirations for seeking God. Miracles happen everyday in the life of any good Christian, whether you go to church or you don’t. It is therefore time for us to go for the things that matter and revere rightly. I would have wished that no life was lost in that tragedy, but I cannot question God. Those who are still alive should learn from the painful lessons of those who are dead.


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