Senator Araraume writes on sustainable Infrastructure in Imo State.

araraume crestYou can agree with me that what our founding fathers in the likes of Dr Michael Okpara of the blessed memory put in place in terms of sustainable infrastructure have been bastardized by succeeding administrations in Imo state. What our dynamic and visionary Dee Sam Onunaka Mbakwe (Ph.D.) instituted have been systematically destroyed by those who felt and still feel that development is another kalou kalou business, were okwe rie okwe.

What a chief executive of any state will ask himself or be burdened about for is what Legacy do I leave behind after staying in an executive office as a Governor for 4 years or for an 8 year tenure. What impact does my work have on the governed? Have you noticed the positive public image the Concorde hotel built by Dee Sam Mbakwe Administration have done to Imo state since its existence for close to 40 years now. Have you thought of the quality job done?. What is the essence of using the little resources Imo has to relocate Imo state university to a village for an ego-trip and for personal interest instead of relocating the university to an already eye marked site at Aboh Mbaise/Ngor Okpala Axis by Dee Sam Mbakwe. Now the sited university at the said village has discontinued due to loud cries of the Imo populace.

What do we hope of having an international conference center on the site eye marked for Imo Hotels? Of what economic importance to Imo is the international conference centre? Is it not an attempt to showcase emptiness? How many events centers are in Owerri Imo state Capital? There are; the Ikenegbu event centre, Dan anyiam stadium, Sam Mbakwe Banquet Hall, Ahiajoku centre, Ojukwu centre, Heroes square, bongo square,plus close to 500 Hotels, banquet Halls,plus the Oguta Motels that are in ruins. These are by the way.

When I talk of provision of infrastructure,I do mean a sustainable one that will stand the test of time. It is the type of infrastructure that will attract income to the Government and to help sustain a fragile economy..Come to admire the State of the arts university teaching hospital built by Chief Achike Udenwa(Onwa) regime in Orlu and state secretariat.

Have you seen the state of these edifices? Have you given a thought on the numerousity of fly overs and pedestrian crossings in owerri which are of no usage and of no immediate economic need of the populace? Have you seen the abandoned city gates that do not add any value to the well-being of the Imo people? Are you aware of the harvest of roundabouts all over the state? Are you aware that the only Imo Library at the beck and call of Imo people have been wickedly demolished and bulldozed.

Dear friends, you will witness under my administration a reappraisal of all existing structures to strengthen all the economic viable ones and do away with those that are of burden to our economy. My administration will reverse a lot of wrongs done. The Imo Library must take its rightful place, if not giving u a Digital Library. Currently the Concorde Hotel is under lock and key, simply to create room for private Hotels to flourish.

None of them have thought of an Airport Hotel that will give our visitors hope and immediate accommodation once they arrive in Imo state. Imo Hotels, Oguta Motels all will come on stream. There is going to be no room for bill boards of fathom structures not seen. That is pure deceit. Government will be able to engage world class road makers to give Imo the best. Imo is lagging behind; Imo has lagged behind for decades. Imo will be back on stream and if Imo is given bursary to all her students, it will go to all her citizens studying in all the Nigerian universities. When we come to the bridge we shall know how to cross it with the state legislature. Infrastructure wise, Imo is far behind now. Where is our Regional water scheme?



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