FREE EDUCATION: Quality education is more important – Tochi Unegbu

readers-mail-1Everyone is shouting free education, free education while forgetting that quality education is more important.

IMSU came last in the south east when national university rankings were done.
They have lost their law degree and they are lacking basic facilities.

Their teachers are not properly paid. So tell me why won’t it be free? Who will pay for such a thing?

Free education will only make sense when the quality is there.

Let everyone think about this with an open mind. This is not a propaganda post but rather a call to reason.

When you graduate, there are no ‘free’ jobs. You will have to compete in this world with students from Havard, UNSW, Oxford and the like.

How many people can honestly compare a nigerian university graduate with all the problems of JAMB to ASUU to missing scripts and the like to someone from these world class universities?

It is not about, we are trying… no one will remember that you are trying when you go and apply for a job.

Open the newspapers and see what’s happening there. The Nigerian graduate can’t keep up.

Our goal should be to make IMSU world class and it IS possible.

Instead of sacrificing the school’s future for propaganda politics let us sacrifice our time and energy rebuilding IMSU to be something we can take our children to.

Free education without quality will not do anything for you when you go out and compete. You will still pay somehow.

The thing you should have learnt in school like basic computer skills you will pay someone outside to teach. The skills for ICAN and CFA, you will spend your time doing certifications because your school couldn’t teach you these things.

Brothers and sisters, when you go to school, you will always spend something. Your time in school is not free.

So even if you do not waste your money, PLEASE don’t waste your time.

A quality education translates to a quality future.

Why should your quality mind get inferior education.

I believe in quality first, then free after.



Tochukwu Unegbu
Software Engineer

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