INSIDE STORY: Details behind Alamiseigha’s visit to Okorocha in Owerri.

Diepreye-AlamieyeseighaEveryone has been talking about Chief Diepreye Alamiseigha’s visit to Governor Okorocha in Owerri recently. Contrary to stories making the rounds linking the visit to a political plot in the oven, IMO STATE BLOG has first hand information on the visit.

According to our impeccable source, Chief Alamiseigha’s visit had nothing to do with Governor Okorocha’s second term ambition. It also had absolutely nothing to do with the so called “impeachment fever” or lobbying President Jonathan for his blessings.

IMO STATE BLOG gathered that the elder statesman was in Owerri to formally invite Governor Okorocha to his son’s wedding scheduled to hold this weekend in Abba, Nwangele LGA. On that visit, accomodation and other logistics for his guests were also discussed. We learnt that Governor Okorocha graciously approved the requests but expressed regrets he would be out of town this weekend. Some said the Governor parted away with N100 million on that visit. For all we know, that information is completely false.




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