OKIGWE SENATE 2015: On what successes is Benjamin Uwajumogu wanting to represent Okigwe ? – Tony Izuogu

SPKRBenjamin Uwajimogu is responsible for Rochas’ failings

I have watched with utter disbelief how the speaker of IMO state house of assembly Benjamin Uwajimogu has taken to, by implication, distancing himself from the ills of IMO state government. I am even more amazed at how he has been painted by some of my comrades on social media as an uncommon success. Not too long ago I read of his “three years of legislative strides” on social media.

I found all that irony irritating and quite honestly disheartening. The speaker heads the legislature arm of IMO state government. In fact he makes the laws of the state. The governor who heads the executive arm of the same government cannot function without the speaker’s house of assembly.

So, if the general thinking is that the IMO state government has performed poorly and badly, how is it that Uwajimogu is praised while Rochas is condemned? I would like to ask my friends who describe him as a success at the same time they describe rochas as a failure, how has he succeeded in isolation?

I am not interested in repeating the Iwuoha saga as in fact I am not very impressed by the conducts and inconsistencies of Samuelson Iwuoha. But lest we forget, it was Benjamin Uwajimogu that passed the abortion bills through various readings and then sent it to Rochas for ratification. The speaker himself was satisfied that the law as proposed by him and his house was good for the state hence he sought the governor’s signature and seal. The abortion law was made by Benjamin Uwajimogu! Yes, the governor can propose an executive bill, yet it is the house of assembly that carries out discussions and decides on amendments. But at last the speaker takes a holier-than-thou attitude while the governor takes all the blow on the matter.

Secondly, the governor lacks the power to sack the deputy governor. Only the speaker and his house can unseat the governor or his deputy. It has turned out that Jude Agbaso was wrongly removed from office. There was no real case against him. It doesn’t matter if Agbaso was verbally abusive or not, the facts and evidences were not sufficient for an impeachment action. Once again, Benjamin Uwajimogu passed a resolution unjustly impeaching the deputy governor at the spell of the governor.

Thirdly, contract scams that have made this government ineffective have also involved the speaker and his house members. At a time in this state contracts were flying around. It’s either ones given out by the speaker or the ones given out by the governor. Some of the abandoned projects were so abandoned because, as reported, the governor ignored contracts given out by the speaker. I know a contractor who was handling a road project at Trans Egbu who got the job via the speaker but could not complete it neither could he recover what he had put in because the governor refused to recognize the contract awards.

Fourthly, if Ben Uwajimogu doesn’t approve budget and appropriation, the governor cannot implement fiscal policies and actions. The house of assembly also has oversight responsibility on budget implementation. Billions were approved for some industrial projects. In three years Benjamin Uwajumogu has remained deliberately blind to the diversion of funds by the executive arm that it controls. Yet, without questions asked, the speaker never says no to the governor on matters of passing appropriation provisions and proposals.

All these and more make it baffling for Benjamin Uwajumogu to use social media to launder his image ahead of the 2015 Senatorial election in which he has declared his intention to participate. My question is, on what successes is he wanting to represent Okigwe Senatorial zone ?

Yes he can afford to pay handouts for my comrades to launder his image and misrepresent him to the public on social media but the facts remain that he is no less of a failure than the governor, if the latter is adjudged as such.

So I will find it less offensive if he stops this blame-it-on-the-governor-alone attitude. The truth is that the governor failed because Benjamin Uwajimogu failed even more.

Someone has to say it as it is, nothing personal.

Written by: Tony Izuogu



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