Charly boy saga: Open letter to Sam Onwuamaedo – By AIC Akwarandu

3D Character and Question MarkOne begins to wonder why a governor will be attending a burial service with not less than 30 peasant women, more than 50 students under the APC students group called NUISS, and when his name is called, even inside the church, all you will hear is “Owelleeee”. This is just to deceive the visitors that he is on ground not knowing that those shouting are rented crowd mounted inside the church just to shout “Owelleeee”.

Instead of our governor to berate his SSG who hails from Uguta, and his protocol officers, he is busy pointing fingers on Abuja based politicians. Since Sam Onwuamaedo took the job of defending the defenceless, he has never said a word without calling on Abuja Politicians. This is indeed an act of envy.

On the other hand, one wonders what actually Owelle wanted to say during the burial service of Justice Oputa. Maybe, he wanted to advice the people present to emulate Justice Oputa’s golden legacies which rule of law is at the center stage. What an Irony that Owelle will be proud to talk about emulating Oputa’s legacies and obey rule of law in a gathering where Eze Ilomuanya is present.

The truth remains that if Owelle is asked to take up a topic to educate people on, he can never choose to talk on rule of law. Owelle is lawless, disobedient to rule of law and an anti- Democracy governor. If Oputa happens to be my father, I won’t allow Owelle to attend the burial not to talk of speaking in the burial service of a man who he (Owelle) have violated almost every thing he believed in.


charly boy makeup

Even Justice Oputa will be happy with his Son for not allowing Owelle speak becausehis soul will never rest in peace if a man with lawlessness as antecedents is allowed to speak. But now, his soul is resting in peace and will always rest in peace. Those who call Charly Boy all sort of names should have known that before now. His madness did not start today and we have lived to appreciate him and take him the way he is. Reminding us about his madness now is just trying to divert attention from the issue of the moment. The issue of the moment is that our governor embarrassed himself in Uguta and should not blame any body. If he had raised alarm when Ayim Pius (Presidents representative) was called to speak, he Ayim couldn’t have continued. Knowing who Ayim is, it will even take him time to stand up and walk to the podium and all these time is enough for Owelle’s protocol officers to raise alarm. But they never did, only for them to rise to speak after the Commander-In-Chief most have spoken.

Indeed, if Owelle’s dreams of becoming a president comes through(God Forbid), he will never tolerate such an act from any governor. The Owelle I know will even sack his SGF for allowing a governor speak after him. But why is Owelle deceiving and trying to hoodwink imolites to believe his fake story? Let Sam Onwuamaedo remember that after Owelle’s administration, he will never enjoy same respect as De Sam but as a political “Aliluya Boy”. A word they say is enough for the wise.

Imo Ga adi mma ozo.

Written by A.I.C Akwarandu

(An eyewitness at the burial)



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