Prince Charles Onuoha and the 2015 governorship battle.

charles onuoha

 So its looking like former State Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Prince Charles Onuoha under the Rescue Mission administration is exercising his muscles to fly the APC kite in the 2015 guber elections. It is noteworthy to mention that Onuoha was a 2 -time Commissioner and  also served the governor as the SA to MDS. Currently, he is the Chairman, Imo State Housing Corporation.

An indigene of Mbaise,  Onuoha is not particularly excited over Governor Okorocha’s intention to seek a second term inspite of his promise during his 2011 campaign to run a single-term and vie for the presidential seat.

He is urging the governor to remain a “gentleman” and tow the path of honour by abiding to his single-term vow as well as handing over to Owerri zone whose turn he usurped in 2011 according to the Imo Charter of Equity document. 😀

In a recent press session with journalists in Owerri, Onuoha disclosed that the massive support the governor got from the zone came as a result of his promise to run for a single term and hand over to the zone.

He added that his ambition to take over power from Okorocha is driven by what transpired on January 15, 2015 when the governor convened a stakeholders meeting at Government House, informed them that he was going to Abuja and urged people with governorship ambitions to make declaration.

According to him:

“having contested the Labour Party ticket in 2011 and lost before collapsing my entire structure into APGA towards actualizing Governor Okorocha’s victory in 2011, it became an opportunity for me to openly make my intention known in our camp and party. The governor even expressed happiness and declared to ensure that my dream will never die. Besides, I am eminently qualified having garnered the pedigree and capacity to take Imo to the next level in terms of development and good governance.

“Also, I am from Mbaise axis of Owerri zone that has never had a shot at the Douglas House. So, from any angle you wish to judge my ambition, you will definitely agree that I am the right person for the state plum job and that’s basically the reason Governor Okorocha should support my ambition which obviously is divine”.

The next scene is unfolding. In the meantime, Onuoha says that if he is elected, his administration will thrive on Accountability, Honesty and Equity. He also adds that his priority will be to work towards the rapid industrialization of Imo state.  


What is your opinion about Charles Onuoha’s guber ambition?  



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