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imsgOur attention has been drawn to the media attack on Governor Rochas Okorocha by the former Interim Management Committee Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state, Prince Marshal Okafor Anyanwu.

In the unfortunate media reports, Prince Okafor Anyanwu made some spurious and worrisome claims or allegations against Governor Okorocha.

Prince Okafor Anyanwu accused the governor of imposition of candidates in APC, and equally told a naked lie how he had financed the APC from his pocket. He also claimed to have resigned as the chairman of APC in Imo.

Our first reaction to Prince Okafor’s vituperations against the governor is that he has only succeeded in telling the world that he is an ingrate. And we have every reason to believe that.

First and foremost, he was never the chairman of APC because the congress for that purpose is yet to be done. He was appointed an Interim Management Committee chairman of the party that had few months life span which ended with the on-going congress, but he had hoped to be transformed into a substantive state chairman of the party which could not be feasible with the prevailing political climate in the state.

So, the only offence, the governor must have committed against Prince Okafor Anyanwu was that the stakeholders and other leaders of the APC in the state had met and decided that since the governor is from Orlu zone, where prince Okoaforanyanwu also comes from, the chairmanship of the party should now go to Owerri zone preferably the Mbaise clan.

Again, his latest claim now that he had funded the party few weeks after the APC leaders had zoned the chairmanship of the Party out of his Orlu zone to Owerri zone, is questionable. Why did he wait for that to be done before remembering that he was financing the party. Why didn’t he resign ever before now.

We ask the Prince again, if he had been financing the party with his money, would he not have been happy that the yoke has now been removed from his neck by taking the chairmanship to another zone.

The truth of the matter is that Prince Okafor was economical with the truth, and prodigal with falsehood. He did not also accuse the governor of imposition of candidates when he ensured his chairmanship of APGA and later, interim chairmanship of APC, but had to come up with that accusation because the position has been zoned out of his zone. Why does he want to remain as the chairman of the party?.

For Prince Okaforanyanwu to have gone to the media to cast aspersions on a man that could be seen as his political oxygen further sustains or promotes the impression perhaps correctly, that most politicians have murdered or seem to have murdered their consciences .

Prince Okaforanyanwu’s action also shows that governor Okorocha has been investing politically on some of the wrong persons.

It is equally advisable that since it appears Prince Okaforanyanwu’s interest in politices is only to be the State Chairman of a political party and has much money to fund a party, he should pick any of the parties lying fallow and build it.

Governor Okorocha prays a lot, and in most of his prayers, he had always asked God to weed his administration of men and women who do not believe in anything except in themselves only. And God has begun to answer him that prayer.

We wish Prince Okaforanynwu well in his next political step which is already known to all and sundry in the state.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior special Assistant on Media to the Governor





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