What’s your opinion about Capt.Emmanuel Iheanacho’s guber ambition?

Another heavy weight who will be joining the championship for IMO GOVERNOR in 2015 is none other than Capt.Emmanuel Iheanacho. In a 2011 interview with Nigerian Tribune, the former Minister of Interior was asked why he wanted to govern Imo. Here’s what he had to say:


I don’t think the people can be faulted for reaching those conclusions because I am oldenough, I am qualified and I belong to a political party. And I will really like to be of service to our people. But in saying that, I really like to say that if I really confirm it, people shouldn’t be surprised at all. 

I am qualified and I really have a lot to offer in terms of experience, I have a lot to offer in terms of the programmes that I might implement. I really don’t believe in sterile politics where people come in because there is an opportunity for them to get a job. Politics is about being able to influence policies that bring the greatest good to the people. And I have really been around for long time.

I have been to a lot of places and I seen how people live, and I see how we could live if we had a good leadership. And I would like to use that opportunity to bring all the experience to bear on how resources are used to the benefit of Imo people. 

I can’t start campaigning four years ahead of time. But I really will just let you know that there is a lot that I can bring to bear that will make a difference.

Certainly, it wouldn’t be one of those sterile attempts where people just get in there and then they make a lot of noise. When you look at the actual impact of their policies, you see nothing. We have a large population of people, we have arable lands, we have educated people; all we need is proper managerial guidance, so that all of these potentials can become something of substance.

In your opinion, will Capt.Iheanacho make a good governor for Imo state?



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