The difference between Ohakim and Rochas – By Kissinger Ikeokwu


1. While the former did few roads, the later did more roads.

2. While the former was busy traveling from South Africa-London-Paris-Amsterdam-Lagos-Abuja, the later spent more time of his four years in Imo.

3. While the former believed on party structure and political stalwarts to deliver him for 2nd term, the later is depending on Keke riders, Market men and women and rural commoners to deliver him.

4. While the former was delivered by PDP Onongono movement, the later was brought by massive support and a coalition of aggrieved politicians.

5. While the former did few quality roads, the later did many substandard roads.

6. While the former remained some portion of LGA funds to the Council, the later did not leave any at all.

7. While the former could not account for LGA funds, the later showed some rural roads and Hospital as proceeds of the funds.

8. While the former delivered 10,000 jobs, the later is yet to deliver the Youth Must Work jobs.

9. While the former gave his brother office of the Chief of Staff, the later gave his COS office to another zone.

The list is endless. Please add ur own.




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