Five planes that mysteriously vanished for a long time.

Like the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, these planes vanished and their wreckage wasn’t found for a long time — and in some cases, was never found.

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Amelia Earhart ,1937 Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart planned to fly around the world, and Lockheed specifically built a twin-engine monoplane based on her specifications. In 1937, she took off on a Lockheed Electra plane and her plane was lost over the Pacific. Neither Earhart nor any wreckage of the plane was ever found. AP

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Flying Tiger Line Flight 739, 1962 On March 16, 1962, a Lockheed Super Constellation chartered by the U.S. military disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. The plane was carrying 96 military passengers and 11 crew members from Travis Air Force Base in California and was headed for Saigon, Vietnam. The disappearance of the Flying Tiger Line plane led to one of the largest search operations ever mounted, involving 48 aircraft and eight surface vessels and covering an area of more than 200,000 square miles. Nothing was ever found. ap/ap

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British South American Airways Star Dust, 1947 A British South American Airways plane flying from Buenos Aires to Chile crashed into Mount Tupungato in the Andes in 1947, killing all 11 passengers and crew members. Despite an extensive search, no wreckage was found for many years. Then in 1998, two Argentine mountaineers found parts of the wreckage in the Tupungato glacier. Ricardo Funes/Associated Press

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Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, 1972Also known as the Miracle of the Andes, the Uruguayan Air Force flight, carrying 45 people — including the national rugby team of Uruguay — crashed in the Andes on Oct. 13, 1972. Only 27 people survived the crash, of whom eight were later killed by an avalanche. But the search and rescue teams looking for wreckage of the plane did not know about the remaining 16 survivors for 72 days. Those who were alive survived in the cold by eating flesh from the bodies of the dead passengers. ap/AP

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Air France 447, 2009 The Airbus A330 operated by Air France was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on June 1, 2009, when it went missing over the Atlantic. Major parts of the wreckage of the plane were found five days later in the Atlantic Ocean, indicating that the plane had crashed and broken apart upon impact, killing all 228 people on board. A French report published almost three years later concluded that the crash was caused by a combination of human and technical errors. The investigation of Air France 447 took a considerably long time because the plane’s black boxes were not recovered from the ocean until May 2011. Anonymous/AP

Source: Washington Post



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