STUDENT REPORT: The other side of “free education” in Imo State.

It was on the 14 Feb 2012 the governor made it public that every Imo Indigene in IMSU wil receive N100,000 (70,000 for school fees & 30,000 for upkeep) these were the exact words of His excellency.

Could this be true or a political gimmick to curry the minds of masses to his personality as the best? This was  my question that day.

Today the news is everywhere is that we (IMSU students) are enjoying free education. Abinitio school fees was N53,750 but final year students pay N30,000. But now is a different ball game,. “They” said 200 level and above should pay N20,000 as Ancillary fee (which many have paid including me) & the free education cheque of N100,000 totaling the school fees to N120,000.

From this analysis, I have come to a realization that, it is a distortion of fact to categorically state that Imsu is enjoying free education rather a reduction in fees and on the other side a hike in fees. Eg non indigene will pay higher than normal. What i gained is N10,000 reduction.PERIOD!!


  Ajoku Collins Mark 

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