REPORT—> Abadaba Lake Road Nkwumeato Ihitte: Dear Governor Rochas, please come to our aid.

 Gov. Owelle Rochas please come to our aid, the rainy season is coming again.
The road leading to the famous Abadaba lake, one of the prestigious lakes of Imo state like the Oguta Lake, as much as the Abadaba Lake itself, has suffered bad luck as far as construction and attention is concerned.

It has been abandoned on several ocassions and it is happening again. But this time, it is bringing ernormous suffering to the people of Nkwumeato and particularly to the poor students of Margleo Secondary School Nkwumeato.

The road was among the roads earmarked by the Rochas administration for construction. The contractor started work in ernest on the road and we were all filled with joy thanking the administration and the contractor for coming to redeem us after many years of suffering on this road. The heel at Obamukwu was cut down, trips of red sand hipped along the road and some properties along the road pulled down.

We did not mind as long as this road will be constructed and end our suffering for many years. But lo and behold, the work was abandoned again and the rain came and carried all these sand down to Aforukwu. The road became unmotorable and students were coming to school with feet and clothes stained with red mood. The rain left holes and gullies on the road throughout the dry season now. We hoped and prayed the work could be continued during the dry season but uptil now nothing is happening on the road. And soon the rainy season is coming again and you can imagine the horror our people will be going through again this season.

We do not know what happened or what went wrong that made the work on the road to stop. We are humbly praying the Owelle Rochas administration who started this good work to please bring it to fullfilment and save our people and students the horror of another rainy season on this road.



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