I weep for Imo State and Governor Rochas Okorocha – By: Engr. Cele

Happy and Prosperous New 2013.

I did not want to start the year 2013 with weeping. But since the New Year 1/1/13 broadcast of our Gov. Rochas, I have been weeping for Imo People and for him Rochas. 23/1/13 was the date I wrote but could not type it till 19/2/13 and posting it today 20/2/13.

In Bible days, Jeremiah was called the weeping Prophet. In Nigerian politics of recent past, late Nde Sam Mbakwe, Ph.D, was the weeping Governor. Jeremiah wept for the sinfulness of Israel and the exile punishment that followed. Nde Sam wept because of Aba disaster of that time, nowhere near the recent national flood disasters. Even in MUSIC, Bright Chimezie, Okoro Jnr. Of Zigima fame, sang that ”if you see me crying (weeping) stop and listen” in Oyibo Mentality. So Engr. Cele, why are you weeping?

Before that, recall when I wrote of Gov. Rochas’ Presidential ambition and advised him to concentrate and perform better in his current position as Governor of Imo State. Not to disappoint the Masses who voted him into power. Remember also when I posted that if Gov. Rochas tactfully get the Federal Government to dualize the Federal roads in Imo State: Owerri-Aba, Owerri-Mbasi-Umuahia and Owerri-Okigwe, like Owerri-Onitsha and Owerri-Port Harcourt (nearing completion), the Governor will have virtually only internal roads and few major roads to work on. I read that Bethel Amadi and Deputy Speaker House of Prep Mr Ihedioha are under serious fire from their people to ensure those roads are done  or else….Just as the South-South are telling Mr President to get the East-West (or better the South-South from Benin, through Delta all the way to Calabar) be completed or else 2015…

I hope many of you listened to the New year broadcast 1/1/13, of Gov. Rochas? We have short memory, so if you have forgot, no problem. The Media documented it. In one portion of the Bible in Epistle to the Corinthians, Apostle Paul said “those of you who are capable should judge what he has said”. So I call on you to factually judge me on this:


My Governor said he will build college of Education with multiple campuses in Imo State. Why should this cause me to weep? My reasons include that the Federal Government made Alvan college of Education a Federal University of Education to be built and funded by the Federal. Rather than encourage it, Gov. Rochas is unadvisedly trespassing Alvan lands and hindering the project. A fully developed University of Education will provide ample admission capacity for Imo State origin and other students. If this is not enough, a fully developed and well funded Imo University, especially its Faculty of Education (or call it College of Education in the University) will absorb the rest. Note our Educational development has progressed past NCE level, as most students aim to get to degree and post-graduate levels. Rivers State has recently converted its College of Education to a University of Education.

The money Mr Rochas wants to invest in his multi-campuses College of Education can be wisely used to move IMSU to its permanent site, develop IMSU medical facilities, as recently the students demonstrate for fear of not meeting accreditation requirements. This proposed multi-campuses College of Education contributes to makes me weep.


This was not in the New Year broadcast but staying at home during Xmas/New year, unearthed these facts. The former VC of IMSU was removed for not playing along with Gov. Rochas’ deceit. How could Gov. Rochas, in order to deceive Imo students, in the guise of scholarship, deny them admission? How? He asked the former VC to admit more non-indigenes and fewer Imo origin students to enable him pay scholarship to fewer Imo students. The normal formula for state institution is 70% (state students) and 30% others (non-indigenes). Rochas instructed it should be in the opposite. The former VC refused and was booted out. One hopes that the current VC, Prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie, ex-ASSU president, will be man enough to resist such deceitful game, detrimental to Imo students. Who forced Gov. Rochas to give scholarship? Where he cannot foot the bill, rather than deny Imo Students admission, he should shamefully withdraw it and give them admission at reduced school fees. On 19/2/13, Ernest’s post in Owerri Forum indicated only 4,000 out of 90,000 qualified candidates were admitted in IMSU in 2013.


In that New Year’s broadcast, Gov. Rochas was specific in his hotel business but vague with his promise to build industries to provide employment to teeming jobless youths. I challenge anybody who listened or read published to mention one industry our Governor promised to build so that we can know the site and monitor its completion within his regime.


On a visit to a friend along MCC/Uratta Road Owerri, I stopped and saw this myself. During my first three years at Government Secondary School, Owerri, I was a day-student and used to study and play at Township School.  Let it be accepted that wonderful buildings have replaced the old ones. The compound looks very beautiful now. But there are basic requirements for conducive learning environment, especially at the primary school level. We all know the problems associated with high population density towns. Those who studied Education know of optimum class size and by extension total school population. Add the requirement of large free space for young pupils to play, which is an essential part of their education at that level. Now no more standard play ground and almost every ground is inter-locked. I have reliable information that Man-Street and Uzi Layout Primary Schools will be moved to Township Primary School ground. These schools were kept near pupils for easily access and safety, given their age bracket. One hopes that Uzi and Man-street lands will not be converted to hotels or other personal usages.

The Law is that if the purpose for which public land was acquired is no longer tenable, the land reverts to its original owners. In those days, communities donated lands and built the primary schools. Owerri people shine your eyes. To drive home the point of concentration camps, I wish one can compare Rochas’ high concentration Township school with those built by Gov. Amechi in Rivers state. We are talking here about schools built for suitable conducive learning environment. Please before Gov. Rochas goes ahead to build the same camp in other localities, educational professionals in Imo State should review and advise him appropriately. I hope the Commissioner of Education knows his onions.


To err is human and to forgive and have mercy is divine. But this is based on truth and repentance. Yes, you may have read and heard much on the clash between Gov. Rochas and Sen. Chris. Rochas made it part of the new year broadcast. “in the Spirit of New year I have forgiven Sen. Chris Anyanwu” but did he tell the truth and the whole truth in this matter? I can reliable tell you that incident was pre-meditated on the part of Gov. Rochas. In addition to other things unknown to us, the untactful speech of Gov. Rochas at the Emekuku Civic reception for his deputy, Sir Jude Agbaso, prepared the December face-off. Recall in my post on Rochas’ Presidential ambition and options possible for him, I hinted at his purported gentleman’s agreement to govern for a term and thereafter allow Owerri Zone to produce the next governor. So, in that civic reception, Rochas told Owerri people to forget about zoning as he did not come in by zoning. After his speech, Sen. Chris and his deputy did not spare him. With swollen face, his anger showed in that shameful incident, for which he has refused to tell the truth. I am weeping for this show of a house divided against itself. How can they work together to improve Imo state? There are more things that meet our ordinary eyes, soon to be exposed as events towards 2015 unfold.


At OBJ’s retirement party as Chairman of PDP’s BOT afforded him opportunity to mark Gov. Akpabio Pass and Gov. Rochas a FAILURE, not FAIL. Remember OBJ had earlier told us our Small thief (ex-Gov. Ikedi) and Big thief (current Gov. Rochas). OBI pitied Imo People for the mistake of electing Rochas. There is one thing none of us can deny OBJ – his access to strategic information, as he knows the governors and National Assembly members very well. I had thought that by performance, Gov. Rochas could have disproved and shamed OBJ, alas he has allowed OBJ deliver another accurate assessment of him, Rochas.

Remember Rochas worked briefly with OBJ who appointed him into FERMA board. Find out the details why the soup soured. But there is still opportunities for one can fail in one year and do better in subsequent ones. The challenge for Rochas is his last two years as governor of Imo. However, I am disturbed by the fact that the Leopard does not easily change its colour (except by supernatural power of salvation via faith in Jesus Christ, Saul of Tarsus became Apostle Paul to the Gentiles). And if Rochas is true to his type, then I am weeping for Imo people and pray let this last two years breeze pass quickly.


I had advised that for Gov. Rochas to prove his manifested claim to love late Dim Ojukwu, he should ensure they saved APGA from collapse and win more states, at least in South East. It is no news that another splitter party has been formed, with blink possibilities for APGA to win any state, pray Anambra is not lost, but certainly Imo is gone. I still believe in miracles as my faith in Jesus Christ demands it of me.

Weep not for APGA for there are very few authentic APGAians at heart. Political metamorphosis of Nigeria goes on with possibility of mergers. Mega-party? Time will tell. The sad truth for us all is that Nigeria is lacking critical mass of people-oriented and honest (not perfect) politicians, out to better the lots of the suffering masses. Media has it that Gov. Rochas did not consult APGA leaders before rushing to identify with Mega-party, now trying to register APC (all progressive congress). As opportunist he is, I weep for such characters as him.


It is inconceivable that Imo Secretariat complex could be concessioned , sold or leased to a company and that Imo ministries will now be tenants, required to generate and pay their rents. I advise we treat this as unbelievable rumor but we can be wiser to investigate through our information contacts whether this is a fact or not. This is similar to the Government House started by Chiefs Achike/ Ohakim, sited in Nekede land. This has been purportedly sold . Till date no official denial from Imo state Gov. Rochas.

It may not be out of place for Nekede people, the landlords, in due time, to take appropriate actions when the facts are in.


I certainly praise Gov. Rochas for publishing this probe result and hope the facts are solid and provable. This is the first stage and I will be happier to see Ikedi charged to court and tried and jailed as ex-Gov. James Ibori. For one thing, think of how N7billion was purportedly used in dredging sand in Nwaorie river for ships and boats to navigate. The day I saw the billboard at the Nekede end, I laughed. From where will the ships come into Nworie river? My only advice to Gov. Rochas is to examine himself and prepare for his turn after 2015 and no immunity coverage for him. The Bible said “prepare to meet the Lord and our sins shall find us out”


I also wept when a rented group was demonstrating about the fear of impeaching Gov. Rochas. They should relax as the IMHA does not have the liver for it, for it does, Rochas could have been impeached long ago. Rochas can be assured of the remaining two years to rescue himself or nail his own coffin.

One wonders if he has not been promoted beyond his levels of capacity and competence, were he in egular employment. Our advice remains, talk less and deliver on tangibles as roundabouts and Hero/Freedom squares can only deceive kids, not Imo adults. Gov. Rochas, you cannot afford to fail the masses. Remember their unprecedented support for you, at the risk of their lives. The alarms are sounding loud and clear. Some of us are weeping for Imo Hope dashed yet again.

Among the focal projects Rochas can concentrate 2013-May 2015 are:

a)      To urge and support the Federal Government to execute the establishment of the Federal University of Education, using current structures in Alvan to take off.

b)      Use the money intended for the multi-campuses Imo state College of Education to relocate IMSU to its permanent site long decided and develop the University. For goodness sake, stop the politics of panel to decide new site. Also the Imo Stat Polytechnic should be developed to world class standard.

c)       Since Rochas is interested in hotels, please concentrate on Oguta Wonderland. Use the money for the Monumental Hotels there. Turn it to Imo tourist center as TINAPA. Stop trespassing Owerri people’s land in the name of hotel development. Enough hotels in Owerri. Stop it.

d)      With the collaboration of our National Assembly members: 1) Sen. Chris to see to it that Owerri=-Aba road is dualized, with Naval logistics college and Imo Airport along it. She chairs the Senate Committee on Navy. 2) Owerri-Okigwe road to be championed by Bethel Amadi, 3) Owerri-Mbasi-Umuahia, Deputy Speaker Ihedioha should be held responsible. If these roads are dualized like Owerri-Onitsha and Owerri-PHC, the state government can easily link them, example link Owerri-Aba to Owerri-Umuahia with a dualized link road at Ngor Ogbala and Ngor link to Chokochi Rivers State dualized, link Owerri-Phc to Owerri-Aba through Nekede-Naze etc.

e)      The Gas Power plant at Egbema-Ohaji, whether State or Federal, to see that it comes on stream early.

If these are achieved, and can be achieved, one will stop weeping and starting laughing and praising God for Hope Rescued.


God bless Imo People.

Engr. Cele

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