Open Ietter to Coach, Stephen Keshi

For once in a very long time, the world had a reason to rejoice with Nigeria. Why did you choose to embarrass Nigeria publicly by hurriedly issuing a resignation only to rescind it for a price? While this writer is of the opinion that it is best to bow out when the ovation is loudest, you should not have taken the media for a ride in the first place.

Not only did you dampen our spirits, you subjected the country to ridicule in the international sports community.

Yes, there was a crack somewhere but you should have been patient enough to allow time for the conflicts to be addressed and resolved. Now that the Presidency has intervened, do you need a sooth- sayer to tell you that they only waded in to save face after the public embarrassment? Mr. Keshi, are you a learner?

With the triumphant victory of the Super Eagles at the just concluded AFCON tournament, you engraved your name in gold nationally and internationally. Considering the circumstances in which you turned in your resignation, wouldn’t it have been more honorable to stick your grounds and exit the stage with your head held up high?

Be as it may, I genuinely wish you well as you prepare to embark on your “second missionary journey”. I want to believe you have weighed all your options carefully. Hope you would be ready to dance “azonto” if the music starts playing unexpectedly?

 Joi John



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