DOCUMENT: Red flags with merger agreement. – Eze Eluchie

The so-called merger agreement between the ACN, ANPP, APGA and CPC is not only fraudulent, it also misses the point.

The signatory on behalf of APGA is suspect. The offer of the alliance as a ‘recipe for peace and prosperity’ is disingenuous. The alliance is a recycling of the old – putting old wine into recycled (not new) bottle.

The problem with Nigeria is structural and fundamental.

Any hopes based on the present fraudulent 1999 Constitution will only prolong the misery of the populace and allow a new breed of characters (who have thus far in the governance of the various States under their control, have not shown much difference from the PDP which administers the rot at the federal level) to continue to milk and rob the people.

The APC alliance is all about access to the spoils of battle and has absolutely nothing to do with the people, their welfare, prosperity or wellbeing!

Let’s restructure and renegotiate the contraption whilst there is yet time!

Back to the trenches!

Eze Eluchie!

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