RE:The many derogatory remarks and comments on Chief Rochas Okorocha

I have read so many derogatory remarks and comments on Chief Rochas Okorocha led govt. By impulse, I started to sympathize with him. Here is a man whose policies directly favours the real poor. Here is a man, the middle class, rich and so called educated imolites want him dead asap.. His free education policy certainly has nothing to do with these educated bigots or the already made in Imo state. In fact, his administration seems to negate the rich and educated ones for the real poor.

I wonder why these people are shedding crocodile tears when in effect, all that they want is to have him dead.. He has been helping the poor long before he became governor. His name and charitable deeds were already making waves even during the first time tenure of OBJ as President of this country.

It is disheartening to see Imolites particularly the so called educated and some middle class beneficiaries of the past administrations doing all within their strength to tarnish his image and turn imo people against him!. He has not even led for 2yrs and you have already condemn his governance!.. Making mockery of his administration because it seems to favour directly only the real poor.

I know he is human and can make errors but the way he is been abused is highly uncalled for.

Thank you

Samuel Onuchukwu Samuel



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