In defense of Hon.Emeka Ihedioha: 20 important things you must know.

I have seen that some people eat from the nose, how many house of rep. members are in Imo state and how many do you hear their names? The Ihedioha i know has done well.

1. As a PA to a former VP, he employed over 1000 youths.

2. As a press sec to former VP, he employed over 1000 youths,

3. With governor Imoke and Bola Tinubu when they was a senators, Ihedioha employed over 50 youths.

4. In his first term as the chairman, House commitee on Marine, he employed over 3000 youths and empowered over 5000, that led to the slogan ” one good term deserves another.”

5. Second term as the chief whip, he Ihedioha employed over 5000 youths which i benefited from and empowered over 10,000 youths. Ihedioha renovated 24 primary schools  12 secondary schools. He constructed a road called Enyiogugu, Lagwa, Mbutu nd Uvuru road and a road at Opehi in Ngor/okpala.

6. His third term as D S. he has single handedly employed over 20,000 nationwide added together, over 40,000 people has been employed by him without collecting penny from them.

In road construction:

1. Enyiogugu, Ibeku, Aboh road.

2. Enyiogugu, Afor-ajala road.

3. Ahiara junction roundabout and dualization.

4. Nguru centre, Ibeku, umuhu, Mbutu, Uvuru road.

5. Road frm Jokoneze ezinitte LGA to Imo airport.

6. Power station, located between Nguru nd Ibeku Aboh Mbaise.

7. Road from Uvuru, Umuohiagu Ngor/okpala to airport.

8. Road from Mbutu, Logara Ngor/opala to airport.

9. Imeri enwe road Ngor/okpala.

10. Ulakwo rd Ngor/okpala.

11. Youth empowerment of over 600 Imo youth at Villa Maria Welthdral road Owerri, same day they buried that  Kaduna governor that died in Baylsa.

12. 3trailler loads of rice xmas gift shared between the 3 Imo senatorial zones. 

13. 1 trailler load of keke share btw Aboh nd Ngor/okpala.

14. His construction at Owere nta.

15. Federal institutes of Arts nd Culture Mbutu, Central staduim Mbutu, Skills aquisation centre Mbutu, Federal instutute of Agriculture Mbutu Aboh Mbaise.

16. Last xmas he share transformers to d whole communities in Ezinihitte nd Ahiazu LGA.

17. A sub power station at Amawo Mbutu.

18. He built a house for God.

19. International secondary nd primary school Ngor/okpala still under construction.

20. Five youths of Aboh and Ngor/okpala are studying in UK right now; 3 in India and a lot more that I don’t know and cannot remember.

 Which governor in Imo so far has achieved such like Ihedioha has done, not to talk of Rep members  and Senators, if Ihedioha can do all dis a Rep member, how much more if he becomes the governor of Imo?  My people please lets stop saying bad against people that we dont really no well. If you doubt any of these things I have listed, go and see for yourself.

Bravo Ihedioha!

Bravo no 6 citizen of this great country!






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