Why Governor Okorocha must resign (PT 3) – Kenneth Uwadi

Imo State is one of the 36 States of Nigeria with Owerri as its capital and largest city. The State came into existence in 1976 along with other new States created under the leadership of the late military ruler of Nigeria, Murtala Muhammad, having been previously part of East-Central State. The State is named after the Imo River and is rich in natural resources including crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc. Imo State is made up of twenty-seven Local Government Areas.

Last month, the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha sold the eleven specialist and general hospitals in the State to Lantech Solutions Ltd, an Abuja based firm. This action has immediately removed millions of low-income people in the State from affordable medical services. With the stroke of a pen, Governor Okorocha knowingly condemned millions of Imolites to death via this sale of Imo State owned hospitals, which makes him guilty of crime against humanity.

Specifically, Governor Okorocha has set into motion a plan that will hike up the cost of medical services in our public hospitals which more or less equals to “murder and ill-treatment of civilian populations,” through the removal of medical services from the reach of the poor. We all know how costly it takes to get treatment from a private hospital. This pro-capitalist and counter-productive policy will as usual yield a harvest of mass sack from our public hospital andbring higher waves of crimes in Imo State. For this action, you all can agree with me that Okorocha should resign.

Governor Okorocha would be judged to have known or should have known that he was carrying out such heinous crime. True, his case may not be the biggest genocideas compared to Charles Taylor, but as the documentation shows, his sale of theeleven public hospitals in Imo State if allowed to stand can be reasonably projected to kill more than 4000 people within the first six months alone due to lack of access toaffordable health care! The poor will no longer afford medical treatment in Imo State.

We say No to the sale of our public hospitals .This must be stopped. Let us put the whole deceitful cabal in Imo state, of which Okorocha isthe emperor, on notice that their fascist policies will no longer be tolerated.Currently residentdoctors in IMSUTH are on strike. Doctors in other public hospitals in the state will soon embark on their own strikeover this wicked sale. What did Owelle do? He is putting the blame as usual on PDP. To him PDP is instigating the doctor’s strike. Every failure on his part is blamed on PDP.We must stop playing politics with the future of Imo State.

Okorocha should resign for policy blunders and for systematically dismantling of Imo State LGA system. He destroyed the third tier of government in Imo State and imposed an illegal fourth tier government on the people. He should resign for looting our council funds. Where are the monies for our LGA’s for the past 15 months? Currently, all activities at our LGA’s are ‘halted’ due to his illegal actions. We say enough of the lawlessness in Imo State. This lawlessness is about to combust, a combustion that is likely to swallow up the state like no other event since the state’s creation.The illegally sacked LGA Chairmen are set for war; Okorocha also is set for war with the sacked council chairmen.

Okorocha should resign for his unattainable policies. He was at it again when he made a policy statement that his government will establish two more Universities in the State.This was specifically to deceive the Owerri people to justify the unforgivable relocation of Imo State University to his village,Ogboko in Ideato-South LGA .How can a State own three Universities? Is it practicable when the only State owned University (IMSU) is inadequately funded? Is this not the joke of the century?

We say ‘RESIGN NOW’ to the fascist (Okorocha) for sacking 10,000 Imo Youths from job. Okorocha sacked 10,000 legally employed workers via radio broadcast. The employment of the 10,000 was approved by the State House of Assembly and the state Civil Service Commission. The recruitment was conducted through due process. Advertisement was placed in national newspapers. There are laid down Civil Service rules to follow in the sack of any Civil Servant. I don’t think we can afford even another year and a half of this government’s economy-busting wrecking ball. It’s time for Owelle to resign. Each time he opens his mouth, Imo economy suffers. Every time he speaks, he shows himself as more out of touch with the state, its people, and their needs. Where are his advisers and commissioners?

It is only in Imo State that contracts are awarded orally. In Imo state, due process in the award of contracts has been thrown to the winds. Only friends, brothers and acquaintances of Okorocha get contracts. No tender, no advert and no contract bidding, no costing. The process begins and ends with him and the exercise can take place anywhere without prior arrangement or notice. He awards contracts running into millions of naira orally. The State is today burdened with debt of over 100 billion naira owed contractors who were given jobs without papers. This haphazard arrangement has led to one job being awarded to two different contractors simultaneously and this had led to serious financial complications to investors.

It is only in Imo State that Civil Servants with security of employment aresacked via radio broadcast and without due process. It is only in Imo State that government and public properties are sold without the involvement of the public, the House of Assembly and other critical stakeholders. Only in Imo that documents of sales of public properties are not made available for public scrutiny. It is only in Imo State that statutory bodies are dissolved orally. Only in Imo State that a Governor lie on oath severally in litigations which resulted to the recent FG interventions on sacked council chairmen. Only in Imo state that 40 percent of the 13 percent oil derivation fund is denied the oil producing areas through diversion and placement of embargo on the account of the commission (ISOPADEC) charged to manage the funds. Only in Imo that a Governor closes all LGA’s through ridiculous holidays to avoid the exposure of all his shady and dishonest miss-management of the 27 LGA funds of the state for the past 15 months. Only in Imo State that DAGS,HPMS and Treasurers of LGA’s are forcefully held in Hotels . Only in Imo that a governor double- speaks on all issues.

Save us o’ God.


Kenneth Uwadi,

Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State.


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  • Onyenwere Okwukwe says:

    There is no room to malign or condemn the messenger even if there are issues with the allegations or his still of presentation. In the first instance, does evidence exist on these allegations? I would be glad to find these allegations non-existent rather than dancing the myopic tune of sycophancy without investigation.

    Trend of unwholesome governance is emerging under the current regime. The tug of war between those who mistake perception for vision will continue even for those who confuse leader’s unsubstantiated ‘good intention’ with lack of brinkmanship on the part of those he appointed.

    The common denominator is time. Some feel it is early to ask questions, others are constrained by uncoordinated thinking while the rest cling strongly to disabled hope. Silent minority saw it all coming, gave the sign and were unceremoniously dismissed. Apparently those who have nothing useful to present must find one in time. Nevertheless time runs on the fast lane and very soon nothing will be left for review and another election will swing into action.

    Imo citizens can make all the hyperbolic claims about intelligence, knowledge, education and academic prowess; the state of the State is the final testament. The current regime indicates that we are in the race to the bottom for the sake increasing our insignificance on issues that matter. You cannot have a tiny giant shuffling around 6ft.

    It is either that we settle for living our lives on our knees or stand erect in glory at the door of death. Unexamined life is unworthy of living. Please freely choose one if you are a free born.

    1. Hilda n says:

      Thanks for your observation, somebody has the balls to go the other way.

  • Hilda n says:

    Wow! I have no idea who Mr Kenneth Uwadi is and I don’t care to know. This is lynching. There is actually something called free speech. It looks like these attacks on this Mr Kenneth Uwadi is planned to silence him. You do not have to believe what he wrote, or agree with him, but you also do not have to heap insults on him for his opinion. These attacks seem to me like public lynching by people who have been paid to destroy Mr Uwadi’s credibility. If you do not agree with Mr Uwadi, state your own opinion without the insults. It makes for a more civilized discussion.

  • Victor Ogubie via Facebook says:

    Please Mr Uwadi, do not distract the governor with your self willed write up, Owelle is on the right path. You wait and see the real new face of Imo.

  • Victor Ogubie via Facebook says:

    Forget the LGA’s for now, the chaimen are busy enrichen themslves, they are looters.

  • Anonymous says:


    Please in this time and age in IMO State, we do not want distractions from opinionated individuals like Kenneth, who ultimately stands out a puppet. When we see a constructive expression of opinion we know it.

    You don’t beat your hand on your chest and begin to run your mouth because of freedom of speech and others will just keep quite without reprimanding you. It is an abomination to have an elderly man in the house and have a she-goat give birth with rope tied around her neck. That explains the outpouring of condemnation of Mr Uwadi’s write ups.

  • Ib. Maduike says:


    Please in this time and age in IMO State, we do not want distractions from opinionated individuals like Kenneth, who ultimately stands out a puppet. When we see a constructive expression of opinion we know it.

    You don’t beat your hand on your chest and begin to run your mouth because of freedom of speech and others will just keep quite without reprimanding you. It is an abomination to have an elderly man in the house and have a she-goat give birth with rope tied around her neck. That explains the outpouring of condemnation of Mr Uwadi’s write ups.

  • i love my people!! you guys are insulting the writer without finding out the truth. the fourth tier of Govt is illegal and a way of looting public fund.my question for you guys is that has you LGA developed for the past 15 months? if your answer is NO. the we need to ask our Governor a question.

  • the fourth trier of goverment is illegal yes but if it is needed to close the hole in which public fund is squandered i support it. There are so much illegality running in the system . All these fuses is because all those big heads and bad egg are no more cared for. I wish i am God,i will strenghten Rochas to sentence them all to hell,due process or no due process. Nonsense.


    who is this one and where is he coming from ?


    mr. Kenneth Uwadi, who are”We?” when you are making assertions……”we say enough……”


    They should leave Rochas alone. What is happening in Abia State and some PDP States is nothing to write home about. PDP is trying to destabilize Ndigbo and not APGA. We should shine our eyes very well my comrades


    even kids knows that pdp has nothing to offer, and what unconstitutional activities is he talking about, every state have there legislators and if imo state house approves four tiers of government what is the problem with that, in bayalsa state government introduce their anthem. coat of arm and flag who have asked him to resign, and in lagos state there’s many laws set out by lagos state government why must this rochas own generate a lots of critics because he refuse to bring state allocation for you guys to share, all these prebendalism caucus in imo state must stop.


    CHINAKA, what kind of bringing Imo State Allocations 4 us 2 share? Have we being sharing Allocations in d time past? So what really happens 2 local Government allocations? Please much as am not against Okorochas style of governance, he should be able 2 do things with respect for d rule of Law n governance! Let Him not make himself a demi-god! He should be able 2 seek counsel from those who know more than himself cos in d multitude of counsels, he is sure 2 prevail! Every power dt be is of God! His heart is in d hands of God, so let him not think he is in charge cos God is!! Let Rochas keep a conscience void of offence before God n Man! After all, is he tougher than Abacha? Yet when it was time 4 God 2 decimate Abacha, He did! Humble Yourself before d Almighty God who put U there, not APGA, or any other n Ur throne will be established in righteousness!

    1. Ken says:

      Since I have been reading comments here from Chinaka Emmauel, not once, have I ready anything remotely intelligent from the dude. So what if lagos did this and Delta did that.

      Imo people are known to be intelligent and want to challenge their govt to do better, to be open, to be accountable.

      All you puppy dogs.. Chinaka Emmanuel and his cohorts should realise that if there is no challenge or if all keep quiet, then a govt would see it as mandate to do as they wish.

      Surely, you have seen it in previous administration. Now the people are wise and do not want a repeat…….

      So stop being a puppy dog and start understanding that imo state belongs to all imolites who want to their govt to act according to due process, be accountable and be transparent………..Imo does not belong to the few who have access to the corridors of power or those wishing to gain access to the corridors of power by acting as puppy dogs to the administration

  • Boniface Via Facebook says:

    It is not enough to be attacking the writer.To me i am giving him kudos.Let us consider the facts and learn.When in Anambra the PDP stole Peter Obi’s Mandate and planted Ngige, we all cried foul. Then fortune favoured Obi as he received a court order to return to office 3 years later. Then the PDP tried to stunt his tenure by claiming that it expires four years from the day he was elected. But again the courts said no he has four years tenure that he must serve to capacity by serving three more years from the time he won his court appeals. I think Imo state situation now flips the two parties on the opposite sides again with PDP now saying what APGA said when Obi won his appeal court’s decision. I do not think Rochas has capable legal advisors who can research even recent cour rulings to ensure he was properly advised. I do not see how what obtained in Anambra will not obtain in Imo given that both operate and are subjects of the same federal legal system. This is not a matter of individuals wishes and dispositions. Okorocha needs to start doing his own legal research because those working for him have proven to be mentally lazy in that department


    To all of you attacking Uwadi for asking Okorocha to resign, your opinion is yours but you cannot stop others from observing and expressing theirs. This is the attitude that has kept Igbo people in servitude in Nigeria. After this many years in Nigeria some empty vessels continue to fight over nothing. There is a saying that you can never ignore the power of a single voice. Mr Uwadi for now is a hero to thousands of Imolites that are facing one or two oppression from Owelle. He is a hero to the 10,000 sacked workers, a hero to sacked council men and thousands of their supporters. He is a hero to so many oppressed persons.I am not shocked by you guys that are attacking him, this blog is more or less that of the IMO GOVT so many of the attackers are govt agents. What is most difficult is honesty and truth. I get super-inspired by folks like Uwadi

    1. Ken says:

      Thank you Mr Ugochukwu. what you are seeing here is replicated across Imo state. With all their intelligence, ndi igbo only attack the messenger and not the message. they are incapable of looking at the message.

      Ever since I discovered this blog, all I see is people attacking the messenger, cursing, swearing calling all sorts of name and Joi John a stool pigeon of the current administration is incapable of moderating what goes on….. maybe she calls on memmbers of the administration to have a look at how she is representing them.

      For the record, I am neither a Rochas, PDP or any party supporter. I merely seek to have truth aired, have administrators follow due process and be transparent.

      From what I am reading and what I hear from people, it would appear that the writer has hit the nail on the head, hence why the attack dogs are tearing into him.

      If any of his write ups were inaccurate, these attack dogs would pay him no mind.

  • Dike says:

    Uwadi God bless you. Tell him Owelle the Pharoah. Why will he joke with our public hospital.Instead of putting money into the hospitals he is privitising them. For what? To make the poor suffer.Uwadi God bless you

  • GRACE says:

    Eewoooo!! Water don pass gari for Imo State no be small. Selling our hospitals? What for ? In the name of pritivisa-wetin? Mkpo piakpukwa ha isi . There is a serious saying that “Big Name Na Him Dey Kill Small Dog.” You all go ahead and keep insulting Mr Uwadi for speaking the truth and keep on dressing Owelle in big robes; while the elegant mathematician is ERRONEOUSLY claiming to have invented the internet for Umu Imo – and una go dey there still dey calculate. A beg commot booo.

  • Chibueze Ebere says:

    99% of what Uwadi said are true. Can those voices lynching him contest specifically the wrong in what he wrote. I believe Owelle is out of his depth to lead. He ran a superb campaign, but now he has won, he is shqoing he doesn’t have the capacity to lead. He is making too many senseless and avoidable mistakes.

    I am sure those that are lynching him don’t know any better. They are like the mob that called for the killing of Christ, who was preaching the gospel of truth. Shame on those who are calling for Uwadi’s head or insulting his father/mother without focusing on the message he is trying to pass and without truly defending Owelle analytically.

  • Bob Ohanu via Facebook says:

    In a sane government…. criminals like Rochas should have been impeached a long time ago.

  • ogechi says:

    i know this kenneth uwadi,is he not the one formally admitted at a psychiatric hospital at awomama, abeg when did he come out?hmmm.psychos have picked up pen o..wonders shall never end.

    1. Ibe says:

      May be u want to be a psychia case abi, you this Ogechi

  • Ken says:

    Look at Imo people, instead of you to address the message, the best you guys can muster is to attack the messenger. Calling him all sorts of name, cursing, insulting and deriding him….

    That tells any person with even 1 brain cell that there must be some element of truth in what he is writing about.

    Instead of all you with your I too sabi mentality to address the problem, the est your collective minds can come up with is insults.

    No wonder Imo has become the laughing stock of Igbo land. With all your collective intelligence, every administration has taken you for a ride because they know all you are capable is shoot the messenger, ignore the message.

  • Anya Ikenga says:

    U ppl are insulting a prophet like uwadi. U will worship him wen the chiken comes to roost. Public fund has been diverted to build Imsu at ideato now it is no longer imsu. U guys shld see beyond ur noses.

  • mike says:

    My Dear Kenneth Uwadi
    Where were you in the last tenure of Ohakin when a lot of bad things was happening in Imo state
    We did not hear your comment now that God sent Man has come to repair the state you bust out to deceive us with your sweet talk like Ohakim
    I hope you are agent of Ohakim sent to frustrate this God send Governor
    Don’t you know that to repair a spoiled thing it will look as if it cannot be repaired again?
    Don’t you know that Imo state is like a knocked car engine? If you took your knocked car engine to a mechanic you went to the market and buy every part new
    When the mechanic start working the engine if see where dismantle it you will never believe that the car will move again but in a twinkle of and eye you will be enjoying a very comfortable drive with the car
    Ok in case you don’t have a car you will not understand but you will remember this that happened in your home
    When your mother kitchen that was ruffed with bamboo leaf fall and your father bought a new bamboo roof and called the local carpenter to come and re roof the kitchen everywhere was so rough that you never believed that your mother will cook in that kitchen again but after the roofing and your mother sweep everywhere what did you see that day very clean environment
    That is Imo state for you now allow this God sent man to clean Imo from the mess of past regime please
    Have patience and see good coming to Imo state

  • UKACHUKWU says:


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