READERS MAIL: The Governor’s Health Policies are a big disaster; Health Commissioner incompetent.

While we are here debating on the Privatization of General Hospitals,  staff at the Imo State University Teaching Hospital in Orlu don’t seem to be very happy. One of the Doctors at the Hospital reached out to say that the entire staff in the State Teaching Hospital are being owed 3 months allowances. For the purpose of this write up, (maka adighi ama ma)the said Doctor will be known as “Dr. Z” .

Word for word, here is more of what Dr. Z had to say:

We will soon lock the place up…..The Governor’s Health policies are just a big DISASTER. From Health At Your Doorstep to 27 new General Hospitals to siting of new Hospitals. He is siting 3 NEW General Hospitals and the teaching Hospital in one 10km radius.


Thought you covered the launching of Health At Your Doorstep? That didn’t have any meaning. Was meant to be a “911” kinda thing but entirely RUBBISH. No trained Paramedics. No Call Centers. No training.   Saw where you wrote in your last news that he will equip the 27 new General Hospitals before 2013…..When in 1 and half years he is not able to mount an MRI and CT in the teaching Hospital. Let him just pray a natural or man man made disaster doesn’t happen in that his Orlu area.  We will soon abandon him o. 


Anyhow, we wait for the new Hospitals. Film tricks! Tell him Hospital is not Wall and Roof oooo!! But Personnel and Skill. Which are lost! I just came back from a national disaster preparedness meeting. Imo ranked very low.  …….Imo State’s emergency medical response programme under Achike Udenwa was on track and highly rated. Lagos was top. Abuja, Rivers and Cross Rivers even though they had access to CRI – Critical Rescue International.


Let’s watch Rochas and his Magic. But his popularity is almost getting to zero in Orlu zone because of his attention deficit disorder to the Teaching Hospital lately that made the Hospital to go on strike few weeks ago. Thought your roving crew should have reported to you the lacklustre attitude devoid of fun fair and pageantry that greeted his last visit to inspect things in the Hospital?

The usual “Owelle! Owelle! Owelle !” hulabaloo were no where to be found. We keep watching. Unlike before when he comes around and people jump and climb trees to hail him. All those are fading AWAY. Next time I will capture the lonely kingship walk he has assumed here for you. On picture or Video.


 Interview the Commissioner and tell him to explain some of these (policies). He can’t even explain.  We asked him why they were building 2 new Hospitals 15 minutes away from the Teaching Hospital and who would attend to those ones. He said “Owelle will explain better”.


I pity the masses and poor Medical students spending 11 years in Med School because of non-functionality all year round of each Hospital. If it works, we teach. If not we stop.






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