We should commend Governor Okorocha and make peace rather than threats….

The scenario appears quite unpredictable when one looks at what is happening today in our Imo State 27 Local Councils and threats from the PDP to make ungovernable the APGA Led State Government and to remove the incumbent Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha “Owelle”. “Asi Na Oke no na Ulo gwara Nke no na Ama na Azu di na Ngiga” a bad omen which Imolites must resist at all cost.


Let us not forget that Chief Ihedi Ohakim (Former Governor Imo State) and his PDP were humiliated by the Imolites under APGA platform at the 2011 Governorship poles which Governor Okorocha “Owelle” won against all odds and subsequently triumphed at the Tribunal Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court respectively.


Through the election, Imolites demonstrated from their hearts and minds total rejection of 4 years of previous Chief Ohakim’s misfortune on Imolites and another intended 4 years of another hardships and possible mismanagements of State funds etc and the total rejection of PDP and the so claimed Powerful Abuja connection.


My humble advice stands with majority of Imolites that Chief Ohakim and his Cohorts in addition with his Abuja connections should desist from direct and indirect threats of intimidation of the present administration of Gov. Okorocha, the Imo citizens and its residents. The purported threat to use 500 armed police etc to storm the State in the middle of the night to destabilise the current administration is absolutely unnecessary.


Someone close to Chief Ohakim should warn him that the anger and power of Imolites home and abroad are still fresh and should never be underestimated or taken for granted. Imolites had shown him why we are different in our attitudes, desires, enthusiasms and strengths and will not hesitate to repeat it with greater venoms when necessary. “We are watching”. I do not think that any plan to inflict chaos, confusion, harassment or intimidation of any sort would not backfire with disastrous consequences against the perpetuators and their senders’. Yes “Owelle” is not a pushover and could activate several options available to him but the people of Imo will not sit back while Chief Ohakin and his men brings chaos to make Imo State ungovernable. There is no doubt that Imolites believes that if Chief Ohakin gets into Owerri Government House again, he would make life difficult for Imolites as a payback for not voting him in 2011.

There is nothing more constructive and rewarding than a peaceful approach or dialogue with Gov. Owelle who boldly despite unexpected shortcomings he witnessed continued to extend hands of friendship to the former Local Government Chairmen on the 27/07/2012 and 30/07/2012 respectively and remains open to constructive dialogue as an advocate of justice, peace and friendship and above all for the sake of Imo State and Imolites moving forward.


It can be argued that human beings are difficult to be satisfied. Some people may say that the Governor have not done this or that but the truth of the matter is that fault would still be found no matter what you do for someone who do not like you. Gov. Okorocha has only been in Office for less than 15 months yet he has massively transformed Imo State. Even if he had done any wrong then “To err is human; to forgive, divine” but in mine and in major opinions, the catalogue of progress he brought to Imo State since his inception into office is unbelievable. There is no doubt that what His Excellency Governor Okorocha has done in this little time in office are unprecedented and therefore speaks volumes and should be commended.

Gov. Okorocha has placed Imo State on the Map Worldwide. International investors are coming to the State, Good roads and infrastructures are in progress, Free education system in progress and plans for several new Universities across the State, massive health care transformation including new 27 General Hospitals in progress, Industrialization and Agricultural Revolution, Rescue Mission Agenda, 4th Tier Government (Government from Grass roots) etc.


Let no one make no mistake about the fact that Governor Okorocha is in power today because of Imolites loved and voted placed him in and with the will of God and therefore no one should test the wrath of Imolites or least that of God. Please people should learn to channel their concerns through the proper mediums not by war or threats of war. Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones.


Ndi Igbo Si Ekene Onye Agidi, Ogwota Ozo”, we should commend “Owelle in his Excellent works in our Imo State not the distractions. We should give only room to the necessary and let peace be and reign!
Enough is enough!!!

Steven Chukwunonye

General Co-ordinator & Co Founder Imo Chapter APGAUK  

London, England, United Kingdom.


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