The Masquerade, Attorney General of Nigeria and the Police I.G – By Oqye Dili

I have spent over three weeks thinking about these characters above. The Masqurade in most African culture and particularly Igbo land are representatives of supposed ancestors. Only matured adults are initiated into knowing the actual secrets of their existence and operations.


To my mind, a number of faceless individuals serve in this capacity to fan the ambers if hostility against the administration of Governor Rochas Okorocha OON. They are the cowards inciting the disgraced chairmen and women of the now sacked footmen of the Ikedi Ohakim era. Fingers point to masqurades operating from Aso Rock in the Presidency, fingers point at some nuisances from the National Assembly yet a fraction assert that the ancestral spirits operate in the image of the immediate past governor of IMO State…



Wherever they are domiciled, they have refused public identification. Except that the choice of IMO state electorates was that these spirits of fraudulent fathers should retire and find an alternative realm in the super natural to manifest themselves. They raped the collective wealth and resources of IMO state with impunity and suddenly lost control by the choice of the IMO people to disengage them permanently. These masqurades are not known to posses any economic pedigree in their pre political history. It is a shame how these maggots assumed signicance and tuned IMO people and their collective wealth as the carcase on which they feasted, fested and indulged themselves.



Attorney General of the Federation is a political appointee of the President and one empowered by oath of office to provide legal recluse for the President and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed forces. Like one of his past predecessors, who told Nigerians that the President of Nigeria need not live in Nigeria to administer the Nation, he has become the hatchet man and administratos for unholy communion and sacrament. A man with penchant for political retribution and the Traits of a demonic effigy. No wonder he was in a haste to create a state of anarchy in IMO State hoping to by so doing supply fresh blood to the altars of the witches of the coven code named the Presidential Villa.



Well the powers of the knees are undoubtedly superior to the crafty and crookish display of social contempt. This places the inspector General of Police whose short memory of the fall from glory of His predecessors like Adewusi S, Tafa and a host of others beats human comprehension. A man that could not justify the reason for his appointment and under whose administration as head of the Nigerian Police, the agitation for State Police has assumed it’s peak. By his instruction, caution was thrown to the wind and public properties funded with tax payers money were vandalized in the Local Government Area Headquarters in IMO states with the active connivance and support of his men and women. When He assumed office, psychological policing best appealed to his tailored understanding, informing his change of the Nigerian Police uniform to camouflage. We are waiting for the deployment of the eviction of the President of the Court of Appeal to return Honorable Justice Salami to his office as ordered by the courts.



Now that these forces of retrogression and destruction have been exposed, His Excellency, the Executive Governor of IMO State, should take note and move on with greater pace and poise. IMO people have demonstrated their unflinching and unquestionable belief in the adminstration of Governor Rochas Okorocha’s capability to deliver on his political campaign promises.




Written by Oqye Dili





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