FRESH DRAMA! Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha sends “A note of warning” to Chief Ikedi Ohakim.

News of Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s recent visit to Owerri may have touched a nerve in none other than popular Social Crusader, Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. It will be recalled that during the Ohakim Administration, Iwuoha  went to press alleging that he had been flogged by Chief Ikedi Ohakim at gunpoint right in the Government House.

Following the birth of the new Administration, Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha was appointed a Media Aide to Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly (Rt.Hon.Benjamin Uwajumogu). Even though Iwuoha is known to have campaigned for the ACN party during the 2011 Gubernatorial Elections, he seems to have embraced the APGA led administration and stands devoted to serve the State Government.

” .. Once there is good governance, the people should support the government in power. I didnt fight Ohakim based on his Party but on the grounds of bad governance.   Party affiliation is not the issue. The most important thing is that there is good government right now.when I was in ACN , my main aim was to makesure Ohakim was removed. ” 

When we probed on his attacks against the candidacy of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, he referred us to a June 3rd, 2011 he wrote   –  OWELLE ROCHAS OKOROCHA HAS STARTED WELL” .


  …. Nonetheless, I must state that my attack on Owelle Rochas spurred him into more political actions which endeared him to the people of the state the more…. However the out gone government of Ikedi Ohakim cashed in on my attack on Owelle Rochas by sending text messages insulting and bashing the person of Owelle Rochas through my hacked and cloned telephone number. I had since disowned the text message in circulation then.”


Fourteen months later, time has not healed the grudge Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha holds against the former Governor . Reacting to  recent statements  made by  Chief Ohakim, Iwuoha tells IMOSTATEBLOG.COM that he is willing to resign from his position  to wage war against the former Governor. He is of the opinion that the former Governor should be the last person to speak anything negative about the present administration owing to what he refers to as the “Culture of Corruption” under the leadership of Chief Ikedi Ohakim in Imo State.


” ….This man has been attacking our performing governor and my Speaker using his paid agents. All this while, I have kept quite because I dont want to be seen as causing trouble in the State. I am sounding a note of warning to Ikedi Ohakim.  I have several cases with him in Court and every month I go to the Court to refresh the cases. Now, he is pushing me by attacking my principal. He should stop using paid agents to attack my principal and the State Government. They have not done anything to warrant such  sponsored attacks. He is flying from Abuja to Imo organizing meetings to threaten the Govenrment  and also trying to sponsor confusion. I am warning him in  my private capacity to be very careful.  I am willing to resign from my position to fight him. He should be careful because he is forcing me to come out and face him after all, I have an unfinished business with him.”




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