Turkish University and Imo State College of Education will be sited in Okigwe – Gov.Okorocha

The Imo state government has stated its preparedness to site two new higher Institutions in Okigwe zone –  Turkish University and Imo State College of Education. Governor Rochas Okorocha stated this when members of Odinma Okigwe social cultural organization paid him a visit at the Government House, Owerri.

He urged the people of Okigwe to provide land to enable the state government start the projects. Gov. Okorocha who scored his administration high on its education policies also stated that the Co-operative College Ehime Mbano has been elevated to a campus of Imo state polytechnic Umuagwo. He further said that the present administration is willing to transform Okigwe into a mega city through infrastructural developmental projects in order to attract investors in the area.

Also, Governor Okorocha stressed the need for Imo citizens to embrace governance and shun politics which he said has hindered development in the state and said the present administration has abolished “God-fatherism” in the politics of the state. He reminded the people of Okigwe zone that they have more political positions in his administration than any other zone ever since the creation of Imo state, and stated further that what is paramount to him as a governor is the well-being of Imo people in general and not their tribes or regions.

Gov. Okorocha asked Okigwe zone to select twenty one persons to part of an advisory group of his administration for the betterment of Imo people in general and Okigwe zone of particular.  In a letter presented by the people of Okigwe zone, they requested that a tertiary institution be located in their area and pleaded that the appointment of IMSU Vice Chancellor, Prof. BEB Nwoke be made a substantive one.

Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu was also in attendance at the meeting. He thanked Governor Okorocha for the support and encouragement given to him by his administration and stated  that all roads in Okigwe are now under serious reconstruction. He further stated that the site for the proposed Five-Star Hotel in Okigwe was almost ready and assured of the support of Okigwe people to the  Okorocha  administration.



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