Nigerian Leaders should follow the path of honour! – Henry Eke

Many Nigerians that are living in civilized world often wish that theircountry is practicing real democracy as it sounds on a spoken English Language. As a political observer and social critic, I find it fascinating to write on issues of relevance to me with utmost optimism for my native Nigeria to emulate profoundly.

This very write-up is something that I had written previously as to refresh the minds of our elected law makers and governors about the need for a united front consequent to helping the masses and to enhance development. Let me remind the national and State law makers that their primary duties are to make laws, and followed by flooding federal and state projects to their constituencies and States. These modalities are achieved through working together with your governor.

Let me be direct without wasting your precious time. The case of my native Imo State offers the best illustration of my intention. Imo State is governed by Governor Rochas Okorocha of APGA, whereas many national law makers are members of a different party – the PDP. For the national law makers, this write-up is a benchmark for you to take a hard look at your scoreboards, and that is: How many times have you sat down with your governor to access economic, political and social issues confronting your State? Could you pick up a pencil and paper to itemize the number of federal infrastructures that are located around your constituency as a result of your legislative maneuvers? Could you mention any joint venture that is executed through your efforts of working together with your governor?

Inversely, Mr. Governor, I ask you the same questions: How many times have you met with members of the National Assembly to work together for the common good of the people? Here in the United States, take for instance, the tiny State of West Virginia; it was Late Senator Robert Byrd that single-handedly accounted for almost all Federal projects in the State and people appreciated his hard work. In the Great State of Texas, and during the administration of Late Governor Ann Richards, she worked assiduously with Republican Senator John Tower to attract huge projects to Texas irrespective of party affiliations. For my native country, Nigeria; what is the relationship between a governor and members of National Assembly of different parties? Are they like cats and dog whereas the people suffers?

From my objective perspective and from listening to other pundits, it appears that there is no relationship between governors and members of National Assembly from different political parties. This is called SHAME! SHAME!! SHAME!!! Let me remind these law makers and governors that you are occupying your positions because of the people, and people’s priorities must supersede your individual goals and objectives. Be advised that the people wants you all to work together for their benefits. It is obvious that when you don’t work together, the people’s aspirations slowly meander down the drain. Many but not all elected officials are very arrogant and self-serving to benefit them and their families. We are not practicing democracy in Nigeria; rather we are in the system of oligarchy, militarism and deceitful democrazy.

It is a shame that with the resources of oil revenue, Nigerians are dropping dead every day for hunger and disease. With the huge oil revenue, there is no single social program to help the helpless and indigent pregnant women and children. With huge oil sales, there is no compassion for the unemployed and the sick. With huge oil resources, the government cannot go abroad to study on how other countries enjoy steady flow of electricity and constructions of water treatment facilities to ensure the availability of potent water. The only natural disaster that faces many communities is the action of erosion and the government sits in the air-conditioned rooms and watch communities after communities wash away in disgrace. All I read every day is the disappearances of billions of Naira from this agency to another. Other headlines included doomsday for the masses. If you are a member of National Assembly and has not attracted any Federal project in your State, whereas, you are busy fighting your governor, your action is what Late Senator Byrd labeled is being Barbaric! Barbaric!! Barbaric!!! The same hall of shame is applicable to governors.

It is encouraged that members of the National Assembly and the governors work together for the people IRRESPECTIVE of nasty political affiliations. Do the right thing for the people. We are sick and tired of your shenanigans. Try to get the people’s business done or else, get your sorry (you know what) out of the way.

Ndewo daa


Mazi HUE Otulle Eke

Austin, Texas, United States.



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