IKEDI OHAKIM LEADERSHIP: A Culture of Corruption – Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

 Not too long ago precisely in June 2009 this writer exposed to the world how governor Ikedi Godson Ohakim connived with his commissioners (Finance and Local Government & Chieftaincy affairs), Chief of staff, few stakeholders and agent companies to defraud past councilors and Chairmen of their entitlements running into billions of naira. It was captioned “Imo State, OHAKIM and Local Government fraud”. It was published in numerous newspapers and magazines in Nigeria. It was also sent to over 37,000 email addresses. Also the EFCC went into action and made some arrests of the master minds of the fraud but left Ikedi Ohakim out of the picture because of his so called immunity.

In that same document this writer exposed and gave reasons why Mr. Ikedi Ohakim has refused to conduct Local Government elections. The truth is that once an executive Chairman is elected for each of the 27 local governments, then that elected chairman will have absolute control of the Federal allocation due to his L.G.A. This will make Ohakim to be unable to Siphon funds again. It is also a proven fact in Imo State that our so called honorable members in the state House of Assembly approve *“LARGE”* Security votes for the TC Chairmen and current *SOLAD’S *after which these legislators will turn around to collect their shares of the approved security vote, in the spirit of “Agbataekee arrangement”.


Also not too long ago this writer proved this issue of local government fraud against the OHAKIM leadership. Till today the fraud infested leadership is afraid to challenge me. The article in question was entitled * “SINCERITY* *OF FALSEHOOD”* and was published in *SEPTEMBER* 2008.


This writer is still confirming and insisting that his allegations against Ikedi Godson Ohakim is still constant. The major reason why Ohakim has been operating the L.G.As in Imo State with transition Committee Chairman and lately sole Administrators is because they do not have the mandate of their people to operate. Hence they can not complain when their LGA allocations are tampered with by Ikedi Ohakim. Through this system of “appointing” TC Chairmen and sole Administrators Ikedi Ohakim has continued to steal Local Government allocation without shame. The ripple effect of this fraud going on is that there are no single development going on in the 27 LGAs of the state. A visit to the LGAs in Imo State will confirm that lack of basic Amenities has made these areas a ghost environment. No portable drinking water, no good and long lasting roads, our schools (Primary and Secondary) are in deplorable and dilapidated condition. No cottage industry, no agricultural development. At times local government staff are not paid their salaries as at when due. Yet huge allocations are sent to these local government areas by the federal ministry of finance (Federal Account Allocation Committee) through the Imo State Government under Ikedi Ohakim Leadership.


A closer look at what is going on in our Local Government areas in the state shows that when the entire LGA allocations get to Imo State, Governor Ikedi Ohakim through his commissioners, agents, officials etc withhold a part of, divert a part of, deduct from, through financial manipulation tamper with the allocation to the extent that less than 28% get to the local government area councils.

This writer has painstakingly investigated this fraud issue and has boldly come out once again to state very clearly that the Ohakim leadership in Imo State is a complete culture of corruption. Attached to this revelation is a copy of a document that clearly shows what the state and local government areas in Imo State got from the Distribution of revenue allocation by the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) in 2009 from January to November as printed out from the Federal Ministry of Finance website and certified as a true copy by the High Court of Justice Abuja dated 12/2/2010.


It should be noted also that this writer has the complete document obtained from the federal ministry of finance website showing what Imo State and the Local Government Areas actually received from May 2007 to November 2009. This is clearly in contrast with what the Ikedi Ohakim leadership in Imo State published is local newspapers in Owerri and forced the gullible and docile citizens of the state to believe was our “actual” allocations since May 2007. To make my argument on the fraud infested leadership of Ikedi Ohakim clearer, I hereby reproduce what the state government in Imo State published as Local government allocation for the month of September 2009 in *ANNOUNCER * Newspapers. This will enable Imo people to understand who Ikedi Godson Ohakim really is.

*LGA                                                                AMOUNT*

(1)     ABOH MBAISE                                N34.4M

(2)     AHIAZU MBAISE                              N35.0M

(3)     EHIME MBANO                               N30.8M

(4)     EZINIHITTE MBAISE                          N38.8M

(5)     IDEATO NORTH                              N28.9M

(6)     IDEATO SOUTH                               N29.6M

(7)     IHITTE UBOMA                                N31.2M

(8)     IKEDURU                                          N41.7M

(9)     ISIALA MBANO                              N36.2M

(10)  ISU                                                    N30.3M

(11)  MBAITOLI                                        N32.9M

(12)  NGOR-OKPALLA                           N40.5M

(13)  NJABA                                             N29.5M

(14)  NWANGELE                                    N26.6M

(15)  NKWERRE                                        N27.2M

(16)  OBOWO                                          N33.5M

(17)  OGUTA                                            N37.0M

(18)  OHAJI/EGBEMA                            N33.2M

(19)  OKIGWE                                          N31,5M

(20)  ONUIMO                                         N25.4M

(21)  ORLU                                                N32.8M

(22)  ORSU                                                N32.2M

(23)  ORU – EAST                                     N32.4M

(24)  ORU-WEST                                        N31.1M

(25)  OWERRI- MUNICIPAL                   N36.4M

(26)  OWERRI- NORTH                            N34.5M

(27)  OWERRI – WEST                              N33.0M



However a closer comparative analysis from the Federal Ministry of Finance website on the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) for the same month of September 2009 clearly shows amounts far higher than what the Ikedi Ohakim fraud infested leadership has tried to make the people of Imo State believe was their allocation for the same month in question.


*  LGA                                                              AMOUNT*

(1)     ABOH MBAISE                                N159,944,117

(2)     AHIAZU MBAISE                              N145,361.771

(3)     EHIME MBANO                               N135,083,848

(4)     EZINIHITTE MBAISE                    N143,947,932

(5)     IDEATO NORTH                              N147,369,075

(6)     IDEATO SOUTH                               N143,476,719

(7)     IHITTE UBOMA                                N132,158,315

(8)     IKEDURU                                          N142,667,843

(9)     ISIALA MBANO                              N159,497,471

(10)  ISU                                                    N143,260,326

(11)  MBAITOLI                                        N168,437,548

(12)  NGOR-OKPALLA                           N147,844,442

(13)  NJABA                                             N138139863

(14)  NWANGELE                                  N133,052,079

(15)  NKWERRE                                     N116,598,331

(16)  OBOWO                                          N129,594,808

(17)  OGUTA                                            N146,034,712

(18)  OHAJI/EGBEMA                           N153,675,447

(19)  OKIGWE                                          N138,725,311

(20)  ONUIMO                                         N125,929,124

(21)  ORLU                                                N135,575,692

(22)  ORSU                                                N131,188,173

(23)  ORU – EAST                                     N134,605,707

(24)  ORU-WEST                                        N134,094,722

(25)  OWERRI- MUNICIPAL                   N133,563,577

(26)  OWERRI- NORTH                            N145,173,961

(27)  OWERRI – WEST                              N137,007,084

I hereby challenge Ikedi Godson Ohakim, his commissioner for Finance, His Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy affairs and infact his entire leadership to dispute my facts and the figures enumerated above. My investigations also shows that Former TC Chairmen and SOLADS sign a certain document for Ikedi Ohakim to cover this fraud going on in Imo State. I am therefore calling on the EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau and office of Inspector General of Police to quickly move into Imo State and arrest all members of Ikedi Ohakim fraud infested leadership including the criminal himself (Ikedi Ohakim). Immunity or No Immunity. The people of Imo State have indeed taken enough of this nonsense, rubbish, fraud and devaluation of leadership from Ikedi Ohakim.


It should also be noted that the Imo State House of Assembly so called “Honorable members” are part of this conspiracy against the development of Imo State and her people. Hence they are afraid to set up a probe panel that would invite me to prove my allegations of fraud against Ikedi Ohakim. Should the Security agencies fail to effect the arrest of Ikedi Ohakim’s criminal gang, then Imo people will have no alternative than to effect the * “ROMANIAN*” agenda in the state. The people of Imo State will have no alternative than to protect and defend their state from the criminal gang of Ikedi Ohakim. All the properties Ikedi Ohakim and his gang acquired with our resources must be confiscated. To conclude, when a leader defecates openly in broad-day light, what do you do? Of course you reject him. I need not say more.






10TH MARCH 2010



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