Who is trying to create conflict between Pres. Jonathan and Gov. Okorocha?

This is how trouble starts. Biko nu, who is trying to bring conflict between Pres. Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rochas Okorocha?

The caption of a publication today in the Leadership papers caught our attention. Titled – Hold Jonathan responsible for Insecurity, it read thus:


The governor of Imo State, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha, yesterday blamed the worrisome state of insecurity in Nigeria on the visionless leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government which, he noted, has given birth to Boko Haram insurgency in the north, kidnapping in the east and OPC menace in the west.

Okorocha, who stated this in Abuja while delivering a lecture at a national dialogue on “effective leadership and good governance: the twin pillars in human rights protection”, regretted that corruption in high places is absolutely horrible and that it has taken the place of effective leadership in the nation.

At the event organised by the National Human Rights Commission, Okorocha said that democracy has not fared well in Nigeria because none of the over 50 political parties in the country has identifiable mission and vision statement.

He noted that what political parties parade as manifestoes are “mere cut-and-paste manifestoes of defunct political parties that existed in the past”.

In view of this, he stated, if democracy is really on course in Nigeria, “most of us in power today will have nobusiness in leading the people”.

He added: “For instance, the vision of the Peoples Democratic Party is how to remain in power for 60 years while Congress for Progressive Change will want to control the north to the extent that nobody can penetrate, and the Action Congress of Nigeria is how to keep the south-west in captivity while that of All Progressives Grand Alliance is to control the south-east. Is that what you call vision or manifesto?

“Is this not a recipe for election manipulation? I wish there were a party in Nigeria with vision and programme for agricultural development. Because if there is food, there will be no Boko Haram.

“Trace all Nigeria’s problems: hunger is the source because it gives room for regional, tribal and religious intolerance. Our leaders must address the issue of poverty because poverty and human right abuses are twin brothers. In the first instance, Nigeria has no reason to be on the list of poor nations. It is not a poor country but what we have is poor management of its resources due to bad and corruption-ridden leadership. It is only in Nigeria grasses grow on rooftops, meaning that our atmosphere is even fertile.”

He however advised that every leader must be ready to exit fast “when the ovation is loudest”. Leaders do not need decades to turn things around. “Our leaders should take cue from South Africa’s Nelson Mandela who is adjudged as the world’s greatest living leader today because he quit the stage when the ovation was loudest. Even Jesus Christ left at the age of 33.”

Still pondering the Boko Haram insurgency, Governor Okorocha said that President Goodluck Jonathan is using English method to cure traditional problem.

He tacitly advised President Jonathan to stop acting as a politician, saying that “a politician is like a manager who craves for status quo, blame the past, other people or divides, whereas a leader on the other hand must improve on what is on ground and must be prepared to take risks and responsibilities on behalf of the people”.

“Any leader that is not ready to take responsibility is visionless. There is nothing wrong with the head of state but there is something wrong with the state of the head. You must lead somebody to become a leader. When a football team is not doing well, ordinarily you fire the coach. It is better for an army of sheep to be led by a lion than for an army of lions to be led by a sheep.”

He added, “Where a nation is not doing well, hold the leaders responsible. I do not subscribe to the idea of blaming the woes of the leaders on followership since a leader is chosen to correct the mistakes of the people.

“This is so because if a sheep leads an army of lions, the tendency is for the lions to become sheep and vice-versa. In the Nigerian context, what we have currently are managers and politicians and never leaders. That is why our leaders continue to think for the next election rather than to think about the future of the country and the next generation.”



After reading, we went back to the post we published yesterday by Uche Onwuchekwa. Here’s an excerpt culled  from his report:

Governor Okorocha in his lecture enthused:


“PDP’s set goal is to rule Nigeria for sixty years, ACN’s vision is to control the South West while APGA is struggling to control the South East.”

He queried why such should be equated to leadership and how does such set goal affect the people. He however distinguishes a leader from a politician saying a poltician only thinks about next election while real leaders think for the future generations.

A leader must have vision and passion and where by these two ingredients are lacking, then such person has no business in leadership said Governor Okorocha.

Governor Okorocha who opined he would not have taken the topic as a Governor but that he is there to say it as it is. He further linked the security challenges in Nigeria to leadership failure while relating the same to global crises.

Proposing from Rochanomics propounded by Governor Okorocha, the Imo State Governor, apart from passion, unselfish attitude while taken responsilities for his actions and inactions, he prescribed four major elements for quality leadership – Sacrifice, Political Will, Culture and Decentralization.

Governor Okorocha who was greeted with loud ovation and applause during the lecture for his frankness said Nigeria is not poor but has bad leadership that is unable to manage human and natural resources of the Nations.

 The rest of the report may be read HERE:


Checks made by IMO STATE BLOG.com confirmed that there was no time Governor Okorocha made specific reference to Pres.Goodluck Jonathan. Rather, he spoke for ALL leaders in the Country including himself so where did the heading “HOLD JONATHAN RESPONSIBLE FOR INSECURITY” fall out from?


Just like every other State in the Country, Imo State,  also battles its own problems in the area of insecurity. When we address the Security challenges in Nigeria, we discuss on general terms so it is wrong to allude that Pres.Jonathan was the target of Governor Okorocha’s lecture. He never mentioned the President’s name. Can the writer of that article provide us with proof that the Imo State Governor made insinuations that President Jonathan was failing in his duties? Why twist words just to create unnecessary conflict?

Yet we wonder why most Politicians hang up the phone when  those of us in the Media call for  interview. Somebody says one thing, you go back, remix their words and garnish it with salt and pepper. It’s unethical!

 The Governor’s Media team should step forward and clear the air for us abeg. If it means publishing the transcript of the entire script for the world to see, then by all means they should do so. This is just not right!




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