Governor Okorocha blames Leadership failure on Human Rights abuse.

Governor Rochas Okorocha,  has described poverty and ignorance as the height human human right abuse while addressing the Public on Effective Leadership and Good Governance: the Twin Pillars of Human Rights Protection.

Speaking further at the event organised by the National Human Rights Commision held at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, where he was the Guest Speaker , he   lashed out at Poltical Parties in Nigeria saying the lack vision and other ingredients of leadership.

Governor Okorocha in his lecture enthused:

“PDP’s set goal is to rule Nigeria for sixty years, ACN’s vision is to control the South West while APGA is struggling to control the South East.”

He queried why such should be equated to leadership and how does such set goal affect the people. He however distinguishes a leader from a politician saying a poltician only thinks about next election while real leaders think for the future generations.

A leader must have vision and passion and where by these two ingredients are lacking, then such person has no business in leadership said Governor Okorocha.

Governor Okorocha who opined he would not have taken the topic as a Governor but that he is there to say it as it is. He further linked the security challenges in Nigeria to leadership failure while relating the same to global crises.

Proposing from Rochanomics propounded by Governor Okorocha, the Imo State Governor, apart from passion, unselfish attitude while taken responsilities for his actions and inactions, he prescribed four major elements for quality leadership – Sacrifice, Political Will, Culture and Decentralization.

Governor Okorocha who was greeted with loud ovation and applause during the lecture for his frankness said Nigeria is not poor but has bad leadership that is unable to manage human and natural resources of the Nations.

His words:

“…When I told my people in Imo State that our State is the richest State in the Federation, they felt I was joking knowing full well how much is our allocation. They did not understand I was talking from the vision I have for the State.”

The Governor further warned Nigerians to be wary of leaders that could not sacrifice. He warned against leaders that have a “stay put” attitude. He further decried non incorporation of Nigerian culture as no nation can grow above our culture because that is the mirror with which the world see us as that links our relationship to God.

Governor Okorocha however called for a spiritual rebirth in the leadership while prophesing the greatness of Nigeria again though we may speak in different tongues.

Also speaking at the event the Chairman of the occasion, the former Minister of Information Professor Jerry Gana called for Government’s effort at tackling security issues as such is the primary responsibility of Government as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Professor Jerry Gana who showered encomium on Governor Okorocha for leadership gift especially for always placing the people first further said Human Rights is the corner stone for which every Nation is built.

Former Minister, Prof. Jerry Gana further supported State Police considering the large population of Nigeria and the intricacies in crime fighting. He called for its consideration in the Constitution amendments going on at the moment.

Another Guest who spoke was Dr. Mrs Sarah Jubril, former Presidential aspirant spoke ethics and values.

In his vote of thanks, the Executive Secretary of National Human Rights Commission, Prof. Ben Angwe, through Dr. Mrs Nwodo, Director, Conflict Prevention, Ethics and Good Governance, described Governor Okorocha a great leader and a gift from God whose trail blazing history in humanitarianism remains a leader of all times.



Written by Uche Onwuchekwa



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