Could Senator Hope Uzodinma’s fake Certificate scandal be true?

For sometime now, the internet has been awash with a scandal alleging that Senator Hope Uzodinma lied about his educational qualification.  Weeks later, the gist has refused to go away. For the umpteenth time, we received another inquiry asking why we did not report the story here on So by popular demand, we are highlighting the story here.


This is how our brothers at broke the news.

Senator Uzodinma In Certificate Scandal… US University Denies Him

— Group Alleges

A group, Save Imo, has faulted claims by the Senator representing Imo West Zone at the National Assembly, Chief Hope Uzodinma that he holds two degree certificates from a Nigerian University and another from oversea.

In a statement endorsed by the Coordinator of the group, Nze Ebubeagu Ekenulo, it said findings by the organization revealed that the lawmaker’s claims were unfounded.

“Both universities have confirmed that the senator never attended their institutions, hence obtained no degrees from them,” Ekenulo maintained.

The activist group promised to make public the result of another investigation carried out at a secondary school in Imo state and a report from Government College, Etche in Rivers State.

It would be recalled that Uzodinma who heads the Senate Committee on Aviation, had in an interview published in Thisday newspaper claimed he obtained a degree from Washington University and a Higher National Diploma from the federal university of Technology, Owerri, Imo state. 


These days, when we hear a story about a Politician with a forged certificate, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. We remember the case of Salisu Ibrahim Salisu, the disgraced Speaker who was forced to vacate his office when a thoroughly researched investigation revealed that the so called Degree he paraded from the University of Toronto was awarded by “Vice Chancellors at  Oluwole”. The Oluwole forgery den is reputed for their ability to  produce ANY document on the face of this earth.  Documents ranging from International Passports to Degree Certificates can be made while you wait for a small fee. 

For goodness sake, is it not better to flaunt an authentic Primary School certificate is  (Common Entrance result) than to parade a fake University Certificate just to be recognized as an intellectual?


Whom God will bless, he blesses irrespective of  qualifications. If you are marked for greatness, you will be great no matter what. It is on record that some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs don’t even have degree credentials to their name. Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic), Walt Disney, Steve Jobs (Apple), Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics) and ofcourse the famous Bill Gates (Microsoft) who dropped out of Harvard. Gates went on to become one of the most successful men in History and ranked #1 as the worlds richest person from 1995-2006.


 Senator Hope Uzodinma is a very wealthy man who can afford to pay his tuition through the worlds most expensive University or any Ivy League college of his choice.  Going by the report we just read, is it possible that he  reduced himself to buy an Oluwole degree certificate or could this part of a  mud-sling campaign to disgrace the elected Senator ?

Official Profile for Senator Hope Uzodinma as posted on the National Assembly website .



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