COMMUNITY GOVT. COUNCIL: Open Letter to Gov.Okorocha from Abajah Autonomous Community.




Your Excellency Sir,

Taking cognizance of the pellucid disunity orchestrated and occasioned by some disgruntled and unscrupulous beings in our town Abajah who are bent on grabbing power undemocratically at all cost and contrary to the rules and norms guiding elections of the C.G.C. officers, since its introduction in our State Imo, we wish to unimpeachably state that we are for you and your good administration in Imo State. And we also pledge our full support for the wonderful 4th tier government as proposed by you, your Excellency.


But the point remains that, these persons in question do not want anything of the much applauded community government council to be done democratically in our town Abajah, as the law stipulates. Rather, they funnily chose to be despotic and autocratic by coining a gimmicky mode of imposing persons of their choice upon us Рthe entire citizenry of Abajah town. Worse to this, is that other towns have had theirs lawfully and democratically done. Why then would ours be different?


It is indubitably a fact known to everybody that the president generals, for the purpose of the 4th tier government, are to act as secretaries, pending the time the elections may be organized. It is equally known publically that the president generals after the elections will serve as the sub-secretaries to the C.G.C. government. And this has been carried out in several Local Governments in the State, including the neighbouring, Contiguous and conterminous towns such as, Isu Umuozu, Dim na-nume, Amaigbo and others too many to mention.


With ail these tactile points/facts, we then quip to ask why our own town’s must be different, consequent to the unlawful and arrogant actions of these perfidious quzzlers led by – Mr. Josephat Nwokem, Barr. Mrs. Ngozi Njoku, Mr. Okechukwu Njoku, Barr. Celestine Etukemka – (Former T. C. Chairman) and others meanwhile incognito who have been holding surreptitious and nocturnal “meetings tagged – meeting of the caucus and people at the helm of government affairs” to Lord and impose persons of their choice on the good people of our town, Abajah who had a president general that decisively won the said Josephat Nwokem in an election our town conducted for this in the past.

Abajah is democratically a law abiding and a peace loving community. And so, would not tolerate any act of traitory /treachery or foolhardy and illegal impositions of person upon them, as this is a blunder that may disrupt the already existing peace, tranquility, serenity and harmony among us in the community. The peace and tranquility we re-got at an extortionate price and unquantifiable endeavours time in the past, when these people carne in with the same style of impositions.


Owelle sir, it may interest your Excellency to know that our town Abajah had been blessed in the past with the positions of member of the house of assembly – late Hon. J. O. Agbarakwe, Local Government secretaries, special advisers and Commissioner – Late Hon. Tony Uzoukwu. Yet they did not and had never imposed either themselves or any other persons upon us. Why then would these people devoid of conscience want to forcibly denude us of our inalienable democratically rights?


The office of the secretary to the C.G.C., the Youth leader, women leader, Community liaison officer, must be voted for by the entire community, we averse to any form of imposition either from the governor or whosoever. We are unequivocally in our belief that. His Excellency the Governor of Imo State does not and cannot know these people better than us.

We want to reiterate for the avoidance of doubt that if there is no democratically elected officer into the C.G.C. government, Abajah can as well do without the C.G.C. government entirely.


To this, for all intent and purposes, the already elected Chief Clifford Orjiakor (Akusinachi 1 of Abajah) remains the authentic and our substantive president general, pending subsequent elections. And Whosoever may averse to this generally accepted public opinion and choice, should state and demonstrate his integrity, probity, rectitude and popularity to the citizens of Abajah in any election that will be conducted in our town for this.

Furthermore, whosoever may wish to do anything for our dear town, Abajah, either through or with these aforementioned people, does so at his/her own risk.


Above all, we asseverate and emphatically state with every asperity that we are strongly and irreversibly against this type of inhuman and arrogant imposition, please your Excellency sir.


Our and infinitum thanks to you, our dearly loved Governor Owelle. We shall continue to love and support you.


Submitted by: Steve Johnson

Abajah Autonomous Community





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