At present, Governor Okorocha is the name being sung by every strata of the populace either for the good reasons or the wrong reasons.

The seeming crucify him project by few has drawn the attention of virtually all and sundry. People are asking both the right and the wrong questions. A few supposedly enlightened public have all of a sudden become deliberately naïve by their conclusions.

The latest onslaught against Governor Okorocha and Imo State Government by the PDP and the beneficiaries of the old order appears a mother of all political wars. Enquiries into the root of the prevalent skirmishes in the State, which is fast becoming a National war, is only a conclusion that comes to nothing. Those that ordinarily have nothing in their arsenal are either making the loudest noise in display of their nuisance value. Meanwhile some paid agents are pretentiously engaged in a cerebral exercise premised on illogic. All these efforts are geared towards dislocating the stature of Rochas Okorocha. There are those who are supposedly part of the enlightened public but pretend not to know the true position. These classes of human beings can even sell their souls to the devil in their effort to turn established lies to truth.

Part of the problems we have are few bag eggs in the Media. I have come across people whose stock in trade is to malign, misinform the public in a malicious manner. Meanwhile, a thriving Democracy is a function of virile, objective, dogged and fearless Media practitioners. These groups’ interests are tilted towards their fee settlers while leaving the essence of Democracy to suffer. Much as I agree that bias is inherent in human nature, looking at the overall interest, which is premised on the good for the majority of the populace, it follows that such biases ought subsumed or reduced to the extent that it should not be harmful to the public good. Standing truth on its head and decorating lies is fast becoming an asset in the polity. The inputs of the media in Nigeria’s democracy cannot be over emphasized. While we ask that they be granted their due in the scheme of things, they should remain faithful in all things. That is the nobility in the calling.


The present orchestrated logjam in Imo State should not be treated as means to an end for myopic individuals. Diagnosing the scenes in the episode of Local Government Council take-overs and Attorney General of Federation’s role, every a man would have concluded that he was playing out a script in concert with his PDP employers. Why would the person of Hon. Adoke’s caliber be playing antics with such a high risk value if there were no agreements? Any discerning mind that heard him would read that he was just preparing the ground for the PDP Generals to go into their heinous agenda. Initially, I was one of those almost pushing the blames to the police for allowing themselves a willing tool. On the second thought, I told myself the simple truth, which boarders on principle of command. Whatever it is, I want to really thank All Progressives Grand Alliance for rising to the occasion. Rising to the occasion I mean is not impunity but for choosing to play out what they are known for – peaceful conduct.


By the actions of APGA and her inactions, PDP lost the main battle. That one loss too many is now being diffused on the pages of newspaper. They lost out woefully. There was no one to engage them in violence neither was anybody ready for blood shed. It was a battle won with wisdom. What I heard from the Attorney General of Federation was his voice but not his real words. That may explain the reason he sought a way out by giving an advise creating room to extricate himself from blame should the matter be revisited.


The scheduled meeting between Governor Okorocha and the PDP reinstated Chairmen was earlier on Friday, July 27, 2012. Unfortunately, the chairmen could not show up. Governor, yet, as a listening and law abiding leader called on all the absconded Chairmen to resume work on Monday, July 30, 2012. That is politics without bitterness.


Governor Okorocha instead of receiving commendation for being lenient and restoring the erstwhile PDP LG Bosses is being vilified. The judgment was declaratory with no express order for execution creating room for more legal and political fireworks for which PDP thought was worth exploring. Meanwhile, the appeal at the apex court by the Imo State Government means that the process is yet to come to an end. But lazy pundits, would within the confine of their room, churn out some appealing but destructive clauses as it were – executive lawlessness, lawless just to mention few. Where has Rochas gone wrong? Has he fought the reinstated Chairmen since the appeal court judgment? Often times, you just discover that law may not be justice after all. A liar may get a reprieve in his lies while the real justice seeker may not get justice.


Today, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State is being profiled by PDP propagandist as a violator. Yes! Let’s crucify him. He is not doing anything in Imo State. Even one group that prides itself as Owerri Youth Assembly concoct hemlock of lies and put forward as a position. Amawom opposition groups are championing anti-Okorocha development drive. What has the Governor done? Only that he wants to bring about development to the people.

Women have been paid to besiege a piece of land yet to be established as theirs. Let’s finish Okorocha. It’s ok. Okorocha is not transparent in his massive construction work. Hei, this man has finished us. It is no news that a Kilometer of Road in Imo State is Sixty Million Naira yet he is not transparent. This Rochas self, he had approved and directed that every Local government should have a 24 kilometer Road network. He has come again. This is a man that lays everything bare and naked. There is hardly anything that is secret in Imo State. That is an effort towards building confidence between the people and the Government. What shall we lay our hands on and where shall we find that evidence? Anyway let’s just crucify him.


Again 2015 may be at issue. This man’s profile is glowingly rising to the extent that is becoming discomforting. Let’s hack him down. Let’s prune those branches that make him seductive. Crucify him. Why must he expose the gods of out Party? What is secret must remain secret for our gods. It is a sacrilege. Why must he let the cat out of the bag? Let’s play a dirty one on him. Let’s distract him if not blindfold him. Let’s shut him up even if it means muzzling that mouth of his. He has dared our gods. Crucify him! Crucify him! Why must he declare free education at all levels? Money meant for the boys being ploughed into what will benefit the public. Going through the labyrinth of reasoning out what could have been the issue here was a head aching exercise. Wao! What is wrong with this man? Why must he dwarf us like this. Ok. He did not stop at free education; he decided to move IMSU to his home town. Heavens must let loose. Abomination! What gut? Again, with his good will he secured a European University. Governor Okorocha rescinded his decision for IMSU to remain in Owerri Zone. It doesn’t matter. He is confused. Crucify him. Can the dust settle now? No! He must be dented somehow. Can we come up voodoo figures and let’s just slam it on him and get him hanged. No! He must be on the cross.


Yes, these growing wings must be plucked out of Rochas or it will make him fly an ordinary peach and keep people in severe fearfulness. Well, who knows if he will be a stumbling block for us during the 2015 presidential election? Even if he does not contest, what happens to his influence at the South east Level? He has left our fold. He will stand in our way. Let’s undo him first. We have lost out in the North owing to our lackadaisical attitude with our lacklustre performances.


Let’s make war against him joo. What we couldn’t do in twelve years, he has done in one year. We have even disowned and discounted Ohakim’s four years to give us a soft landing yet we are not close. Haba! This man Owelle Okorocha does not care even after some spoilers have been employed to spoil him. Nothing seems to be working. Please, we have the police; we have all we need in our fold to deal with him ruthlessly. If the police disagree, threaten their leadership a little and he will be rendered confused. One time supposedly cynosure of all eyes – Imo Government House that was left to decay has been made a place of pride by this man. What a heck…


Ladies and gentlemen, Politics as who gets what how and when is the issue here. It is dirty with those who are dirty. Politics should be issue based for its ends should be development and not maligning the other. It is a shame that the most powerful still live in the past and are yet to make amends. Some old fashioned politicians with dirty thoughts and ideas are supposed to have resigned but have refused to do so. Hei, tell them we are no longer in the age of “Hereditary Principalities” as mentioned by Machiavelli but in Democracy. It is all our ‘birth right’ to aspire and inspire by the value we have added to our Society.


After all said and done, it does not really matter, let’s go ahead and crucify him. He said he is the messiah. How can? Please crucify and let’s get back to our old order of the dirty past.



What do you think?


By Uche Onwuchekwa



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