Prominent Igbo leaders meet in Owerri to address development of the South East region.

Earlier today, prominent Igbo leaders  gathered in Owerri to fine-tune strategies for the economic and political development of the region under the banner of a new group called C-21.

According to a memo signed by the Senior Special Adviser to Governor Okorocha on Media, Chinedu Offor,  the leaders seek to work towards the emergence of Imo sons and daughter at the highest political offices in the country and on economic integration of the entire South East. The Organization which is made up of religious leaders and politicians warned that the Igbo race is on the vague of political extinction if they fail to unite and present a united front in seeking political, economical and cultural relevance in Nigeria.

Speaking at the occasion, Governor Rochas Okorocha noted  the importance for  Igbos  to seek the face of God in revising what he termed as “political misfortune” and “sundry ills”  affecting the Igbo race.

“Our people have left God and turned to worship money, status and business. For us to achieve our political and economic growth and relevance in Nigeria, we must retrace our steps and come back to God”.

Governor Okorocha  described Igbos as unique and stated that we had all it took to  produce competent officials at highest level of governments in Nigeria.  In his words,  disunity has been the bane on the Igbos and has been responsible for the inability of the Igbos to speak with one voice and act in a common purpose.

Prominent religious leader Rev. Dr Umah Ukpai was also in attendance. He agreed that  the C-21 as a group had all the potentials to produce the leadership the Igbos currently lacked. He said, to achieve our destiny, we must pray and seek the face of God. He called for love, unity and a sense of common purpose among all Igbos as the only solution to the problems affecting the area.

While speaking at the event, President of C-21, Senator Annie Okonkwo lamented that Igbos were no longer a force to reckon with in Nigeria but hoped that the emergence of the C21 group would quickly transform the  Igbo nation into a vibrant united group able to champion the course of Igbo race. He described the group as apolitical and determined to provide the necessary support to all Igbos sons and daughters to excel in their areas of choice in Nigeria.



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