COMMENT: “Gov. Okorocha has done very well but …..” – Dr.Innocent C.Ekwem

H.E. Has done very well in so short a time. However l think he is taking too many projects at the same time which the states financial resources cannot accommodate at a go. This is evident in number of rural roads graded and looks like abandoned by contractors and now taken over by flood erosion.The road that passes in front of my house in Amucha Njaba LGA can testify to this.

I will advise that in as much as it is obvious he is in a hurry to write his name in the sands of time and change the lives and fortunes of Imo people. he should remember that Rome was not built in a day. Take your projects in measured number and make sure they are completed and with QUALITY. I wish him God’s wisdom and blessings in his transformation agenda in lmo State.


Dr.Innocent C. Ekwem

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