READERS MAIL: With the way things are going in Imo State, APGA may never win in Imo again – Obinna Akuwudike

Picking Holes: Not looking from a biased or personal point of view over the happening I want to critically look at some issues in the state. No doubt Owelle shows promise with the strides he has so far taken in his administration but then, its still promise and as Nigerians we all know how far the promises given by so many former leaders have landed us in.

Owelle entered the scene with a zeal that was so encouraging and uplifting (imagine your governor showing humility by buying akara from the road side seller or controlling traffic) nice political fasades that later wore thin and discarded. Such things can only work with an illiterate electorate. Now however, the convoy has grown and he has learnt the use of sirens and mean-looking policemen; things he castigated his predecessor over. Ironic isn’t it?

He jumped into contruction, kudos would have been well deserved if it was well planned. What I see (some people don’t want to see the facts even if shoved into their faces) are below standard contruction works carried out by people who know next to nothing about construction. The effects of the poorly executed highly priced jobs will manifest to our detriment soon. He talked about free education. Good political instrument for an unrealistic coon man, the facts are starting to bite now though. We had UBE so whats the free education jagon about? What about the free uniforms and books? None has materialized yet but I won’t be surprised to see an entry in Imo accounts in that regard. Whats the deal with giving children money to go to school? I deem that as irresponsible and God forgive anyone who finds a moral in that action. What about the high-priced gates? Are those gates worth N1million let alone the quoted N5m and above for each? LOL.

The people I pity most are the civil servants that believed in him and voted him enmass. They have become the objects of his new experimentation. Nobody has joked with the civil service the way he is joking with them. Threatening them with sack, delayed salaries and now telling them to pay themselves. If he doesn’t pay them what happens to all that billions used by those he called corrupt to pay the civil service in the past? I see somebody’s pockets swelling bigger in the billions somebody say… Hold that thought. What happened to creating jobs? Youth empowerment? Your say Ohakim was bad, point accepted but all of us have our bad sides. Which one of us think we would have done better? Everyone does some good and some bad so don’t rubbish all the good because of the bad like the 10,000 jobs, like the abandoned proposed flyovers at Orji and Akwakuma.

The free education, what are we producing? Educated unemployed youths who sooner or later become educated rogues, armed robbers and kidnappers? Other governors are creating job oppurtunities ours is looking for who to sack. (Some people will see nothing wrong with that). Lets be objective rather than narrow minded and single tracked. Why are we wasting money on insignificant projects? Arent those just avenues to award contracts and steal more money? I dont see the reason for the demolistion of the Modotel roundabout and reconstruction. Watch and see that the old one will be more solid than the white elephants they claim to be building. Imo there is more to saw, I fear for my people open your eyes, many of the blind are begining to see but many are still blind and yet to come to reality. Look at things critically and objectively less you be fooled. With the way things are going, APGA may never win in Imo again when the veil falls off completely.


  Mazi Obinna Akuwudike




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