If Pres. Jonathan is serious, suicide Bomber, John Akpanum Akalu should be used as an example.

This is the nincompoop that carried himself to the Radio House today.


Identified as John Akpanum Akalu, he was arrested with 37 rounds of live ammunition and 3 hand granades and other explosives  concealed in a female handbag.


It is easy to assume that the name is South-South but, police interrogations revealed that he hails from Nasarawa State.

For the past two weeks, the Federal Ministry of Information has been holding meetings in preparation of Nigeria’s Democracy Day on May 29.

 We are just eight days to the celebration. See how this scally-wag wants to spoil show for u? Who paid him and how much was he paid to attempt this mission? He needs to start talking and we don’t want to hear he “died in custody”. #just saying!

If Pres.Jonathan is serious in fighting terrorism in Nigeria, this idiot should be used as an example. #DeathbyFiringsquad!!





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