Canadian Firm signs MoU with Abia State Government to build Mono-rail system!.

The face of transportation in Abia State is set to change 1 as a Canadian firm,Globim Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Abia State Government to build monorail system of transportation to connect Aba and Umuahia.

Chairman of Globim, Dr Jude Igwemezie, who led a delegation to yesterday to seal the MoU, said their firm specializes in the construction and management of monorail.

According to him, the project would cost $1.6 billion and would be entirely funded by the firm as Abia government would only be required to provide the land, security and manpower. He said when it becomes fully operational, the monorail would generate 4,000 jobs in Abia and 20, 000 jobs across the Southeast.

Also, aside from providing commuters an efficient and alternative means of transport, the monorail, which would be built to run at a height of nine metres, would eliminate road hazards like accidents and robbery.

Igwemezie explained that the company was interested in introducing the monorail transportation system in Abia and other cities in the Southeast zone and eventually the entire Southeast would be connected with monorail integrated mode of transportation.

He said Globim had already secured approval to build monorail in Onitsha, Enugu and Calabar and assured the governor that they will provide the funding and expects the government to provide labour and security to them.

Governor Theodore Orji, who was visibly elated over the prospect of having the monorail running in his state, said after signing the MoU that the novel project was much acceptable to his government.



 Nice one out of Abia State!

Thumbs up to Governor T.A Orji.  At least, Abians will always remember him for this initiative. Nobody will say he didn’t leave a lasting legacy behind.



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