COMMENT: You can’t compare Udenwa’s 8yrs and Ohakim’s 4yrs with 1 year of Rochas!


Kelechi Reginald posted on our Facebook page:

Good people of Imo, let’s comment with respect. I get angry when I read some comments concerning Rochas’ government.

I’m not saying people should not criticize his policies but you can’t compare 8yrs Imo Orientation of Udenwa & 4 yrs Clean & Green Ohakim programes to 1 yr Rescue mission of Rochas.

Rochas can’t solve all the problems in Imo State within 4yrs. He can only minimize them.

I prefer a government of ONE – MAN show with action and good work than a government of Family, Friends and well-wishers without anything to show.

I rest my case! 



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