CITIZENS’ REPORT: Poor quality of Road construction in Obibiezena.

Indigenes of Obibiezena autonomous community have reached out to express their resentment over the poor quality of road work in their community.


IMO STATE BLOG was made to understand that, the road construction  contract was split at the Orie Obibi market square between two “contractors”.


According to our source, the contractor handling the  Egbelu Emeke – Umuameshi – Elumeke – Orie Obibi part of the contract is just pouring laterite  on the surface of the top soil without filling up the potholes and leveling the road.

 “Most of the roads have no chippings. After the laterite, they just apply asphalt so there is no stone base… ” the source disclosed.


These photos were taken last week .


What ever is worth doing is worth doing well. We doubt that these roads meet the standard Governor Okorocha has in mind for the State.  





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