Rescue Mission is as good as DEAD if insecurity persists in Imo State.

The passion, commitment, altruism, and developmental achievements of Owelle Rochas Okorochas in office as the executive governor of Imo State for the last 11months cannot in any way be over-emphasized; it is indeed an unprecedented mile stone since the return of democracy in 1999.

Elected after the controversial supplemental election in May 6, 2011, Governor Rochas launched his “Rescue Mission” campaign, even before he was sworn in as the executive governor of Imo State, and till date has proven in all ramifications to be vision driven and people-oriented. To some, Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha (RAO) is a magician while to some, who are not daunted by the ineptitude of most of our today’s Nigerian political office holders; believe he is of great charisma and on the path to carving his name in gold with likes of revered Dede Sam Mbakwe of great memories, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, and many other selfless politicians of the pre-military 1966 era.

Governor Okorocha’s one year presence in Douglas House has proven to most Imolites, and indeed to the entire nation, that governance devoid of clumsiness, maladroit, corruption, and flimsy excuses for poor performance in office is feasible in this country. His conspicuous accomplishments in Imo State within this short period have practically justified one of the Rochanomics theories which state that the boogieman holding the off-shoot of Nigeria to her supposed heights in the League of Nations is not the “Head of State, rather, the state of the head”. In essence the entire federating units of this nation can actually host much more and even better human and capital developments than we are currently witnessing if only discipline can be imbibed and greater determination instilled in day-to-day governance.

In addition, the results of his visions as witnessed in his privatization drive and unequivocal incorporation of private sectors in the economy of the State have re-echoed the eminent need for the federating units yet to start looking inwards to do so with the aim of harnessing their abundant human and natural resources which undoubtedly will yield more financial resources needed for capital and human development as evident in Imo land.

However, it is imperative for the Governor to realize that all these accolades can fade away into thin air if he delays to take cognizance of the glaring consequences of the escalating insecurity in the State to his Rescue Mission agenda. His recent pronouncement of rewards to miscreants who return their ammunition, and informants to kidnapping is commendable; this in essence justifies he is by no means naïve to the fact that his vision to transform Imo State into the Dubai of Africa as promised intertwines with provision of adequate security for the anticipated local and foreign private investors, as well as the good people of Ndi Imo.





The incessant recent happenings in the last couple of months and some days ago– the killing of the monarch in Mbaitolu, the rape of a woman and the abduction of her children in Mbaise, et al– have, however, made it pertinent for more vigorous and drastic measures be employed to curb this quagmire of insecurity before “Aka Enwe agho aka mmadu”. Governor Okorocha, the urgency to unleash the required arsenals, or better put, activate all security protocols at your disposal to nip this menace at the bud cannot be more effective than NOW. As an illustrious leader pregnant with lots of pragmatic ideas and set to deliver, you should be aware that delay to ameliorate or if possible expunge this malady from the State will not only label you incompetent to protect lives and properties of the beautiful people of Ndi Imo, but will also put a fright in the hearts of proposed investors to the State, resultantly hampering any plan to invest, hence, bringing the State to her knees and obviously a still-birth of your “Rescue Mission Agenda” will be born.




Looking back few months ago, the consequences of delayed response to curtailing insecurity, especially kidnapping, was made manifest in our neighbouring State, Abia. It is not farfetched to state that even though this monster, with the help of the Nigerian military force, has been curbed; Abia State is yet to recuperate economically and socially from the unprecedented and appalling blow dealt to her by insecurity.




It is to this; therefore, I use this medium to subtly persuade our pragmatic and enigmatic Rochas Okorocha, to let go any form of pride and solicit the assistance of the Nigerian military force NOW, as done in Abia State, to annihilate this heinous trend of insecurity before it renders all your visions and achievements inconsequential. You have laboured and sacrificed too much to be labeled incompetent. Governor, delay to activate the needed security protocol NOW and not LATER, the Nigerian military assistance, will definitely turn out to be a decision you will live to regret for years to come.



Remember with the persistence of insecurity, the “Rescue Mission Agenda” is as good as DEAD from inception. ACT NOW!!!

Chukwu gozie Rochas Okorocha; Chukwu gozikwa Ndi Imo nile.




Written by- Austin Chukwuma Onuoha. RN




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