LOL!! Nigeria to deploy troops to Guinea Bissau. What are we feeling like? US or France?

So, Nigeria will be deploying her troops to Guinea Bissau to assist the government with maintaining law and order.  Defence Minister, Bello Haliru Mohammed reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to its pledge to deploy troops to Guinea-Bissau and Mali in the wake of coups in the two countries.

At a meeting with ECOWAS defense chiefs, our Defence Minister quoted to have said the following:

 “Our troops are ready.”

“In Guinea-Bissau, we will deploy before the 18th of this month…”

“In Mali, we await the signals from (regional grouping) ECOWAS.

We have all our forces and equipment ready for airlift”.  

We are here crying that our handful of troops need help to put  the “Boko Haram boyz” in check and the Federal Government is shortening our man power. Who came up with this idea biko nu?

Since this development was reported in the News, many Nigerians have taken to the social media to express themselves. No need abusing the Federal Government. If this decision has the approval of Pres.Goodluck Jonathan, who are we to challenge his wisdom?

We wish our troops journey mercies. May they return and meet us in one piece. In the meantime, hope Mr. Reuben Abati will be more creative in the next Condolence message from Mr.President if there is ever a need to issue one.






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