COMMENT: In response to the N50 million naira renovation of Assumpta Cathedral.

Every day we keep hearing goverment is going to do this, government is going to do that. When are we going to hear stories like, government has done this and government has done that.?

Every week, we get one promise from Rochas Okorocha, promising to execute one project or the other, when is he going to start executing it?. Does he think that he is still campaigning  or is it that he does not know what governance is all about?.

Even the roads that is being done, and as a result some people have lost their houses without compensation, the roads are still yet to be completed. Even the Free education has not fully be implemented. When will @ least one be completed?



All this project promises we get every week, none is less than N50m and I  begin to ask my self, how much is the Imo State allocation? Where is he getting the money from?  Rochas told us how much debt he incurred while assuming office, he shouldn’t forget to tell us how much debt he left behind when he’ll be leaving and any body succeeding him should equally verify if is true. Because it is becoming clearer by the day dat this man lacks vision.



How can he give N50m to a particular church on behalf of government for that matter. Politics should not be mixed with religion if we must make progress. We have been mixing politics in religion in this country; that is part of the problem we haev today. What is sharia law doing in our constitution for example. We need to purge our selves of this religion politics. I am a catholic but i dont like the idea, the governor can do dat from his personal money without state money, why using the state?


He is creating unhealthy politics in the state, and if somebody else gets there that is not a catholic, he might do same. But i find it shocking that people still praise the governor on this. But later I told myself that I shouldn’t be surprised.  Even the devil has those who has vowed to work for him no matter what. Because even if the Governor goes to Assumpta chapel to defecate some blind people will still see it as development. Or is he trying to make amends since him and Bishop Obinna are not in good terms?


Why taking politics to church?  Very soon we will start hearing stories like Mr A is no longer a member of this church,  he is now a catholic in order to win election. And that is not evangelism  like christ instrusted us.  Very soon Imo state catholic church will become a political party which u must belong to, to win election.



50m where there are a lot of youths who are unemployed, some have skills and business ideas but don’t have the capital to start. With daily contribution from members, this church can be renovated after all it was not the state that it.   Only renovation , N50m then if he intends to build how much will that cost? I hope this our Governor has the interest of imo @ heart especially the youth.




Submitted by Jenny Okolie.



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