SIGHTS & SOUNDS: “Milan Pharmacy owner falls victim of kidnappers in Imo State.

About two weeks ago , the owner of Milan Pharmacy, Chief Monday Okere was kidnapped from his Pharmacy located on Douglas Rd, Owerri.  

According to an eye witness, some  boys pretended to be customers . Unknown to the unassuming attendants at the store, a back up group had  taken position outside the store.    We were made to understand that these hoodlums move in large groups but split up to observe their surroundings as they approach their target.

Our source who was shopping in the area with her mother joined others to take cover behind a parked van when gun shots were fired sporadically.


They watched a blindfolded Chief Okere being taken away…..

Milan Pharmacy has been around for many many years. Chief Monday Okere is old and from what we gathered from a family source, his eyes are bad. Yet, he comes out to the Pharmacy every morning to attend to people. Why kidnap an old man who has been an asset to the community?

There is no doubt the State government is making efforts to curb the growing crime rate in Imo but it sad that every other day someone gets kidnapped.

This writer refuses to buy the cork and bull story of the State government paying  N1 million naira each to two people who provided tip offs few days after Governor Okorocha made the announcement. Is that how they pay ransom? Were those boys thoroughly investigated before they got the so called ransom reward? Besides, who were the victims that were freed after the tip off? Are we primary school kids?  Make we hear word abeg!!!

 The earlier the State government brings in the military to help purge out these rascals just like they did in Abia, the better for us .



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