Matters Arising on Rochas fourth tier of Government. – Part 1




I visited home last month and I saw Chukwudi my cousin seated underneath the mango tree in the compound with an eye shut. On further enquiry I was told he lost an eye for Rochas. What a statement?


Apparently he got over involved in the electioneering process, the euphoria of Rochas verbose and the menace of Ohakim thugs. He lost an eye. An innocent 19 year old boy.

I went around town, visited lots of construction sites, road projects and delved into the local grassroots opinion of what is happening, what people think of the man called Rochas. The answers I got shocked me more than I thought I could ever be shocked.



Never has Imo state, in living memory since Mbakwe, seen such amount of widespread construction works taking place at the same time, from state capital to the LGA, every senatorial zone, moribund industries are being remembered.

This is really commendable. yet most people are not happy. The populace are not angry as they were during Ohakim however neither are they happy as they were during Sam Mbakwe.



How could such an enigma be explained?

In the Igbo culture, when it is raining yet the sun is shining, a god is not happy somewhere.



Before going in depth to explain my findings, I would wish to commend Rochas once again for one trait he has displayed in this administration which is so unheard of in African politics that is NON-CORRUPTION.


Rochas must be commended for instilling discipline in his administration official such that “Not a single” outlandish contract has been awarded like the type Ohakim bamboozled the state with: N690 million to build a house, that he lived in; outrageous taxi contracts costing the state over 7 million per vehicle; did I forget the solar power bus stop?

Anyway having said that, a lot still beggar’s belief in this administration.




  1. Firstly, the personality of the governor.

I have always been a clamour of a governor who is exposed, learned and well travelled even better lived abroad, as these shapes a person, instils discipline (esp if you schooled, lived and worked professionally in the UK), widens the person’s horizon and teaches the person humility – ( if you dey form big becos ur papa na Adenuga, when u see Abromovich dey queue up for line, nobody go tell u to behave. )


However, our Rochas didn’t or simply refused to learn despite been educated and lived and has toured the world extensively.




  1. How can Rochas call himself a leader, yet he doesn’t listen to anybody? Not his party? not his advisers- why employ them in the first place?


Does He think he knows it all?


  • Is this not meant to be a democracy -where it is a government of the people for the people ? if yes, why has Rochas refused to raise consultancy with the people on his decisions, his outrageous decisions or should say his fiat .

  • Every day, Rochas is defining himself with policies that make people question the very Rochas they thought they voted in.  Could Ohakim have been better?

  1. How could Oga Rochas single handedly decide for the state that his fourth tier government is best for them?

  • Does he even understand the implications, how ginormous and a waste it could be?

  • Does he have no regard for the inputs of the elected state legislators?

A few courageous state legislators recently hinted that his proposal would run contrary to the country’s constitution- which clearly states the powers of the Local government area. Yet Oga Rochas is pushing it forward.  His heart is clearly hardened on this.



  1. Rochas has declared that the civil servants be marched to various Local government to start off his fantasy of a fourth tier of government, without any consultation or consideration of the civil servants welfare and ability to fit.


  • They civil servants gather together and voiced opposition to the proposal and our Oga Rochas threatened them with sack and being blacklisted to never to be employable EVER again.


  • The women fell on the floor cried, moaned and gnashed their teeth, Right in front of our Oga Rochas, he sighed and barked that he would deal with any insubordination with an iron fist.


Now could everyone step back for a minute and analysis this issue?


Could you imagine a mother who moved her kids to the city to enable them acquire better education, better health care and most importantly better exposure who is now made to go back to her village in interior Chikoneze  ?

A village with four active evil forests and active and revered infamous ALA –GBAGHA ?  a village where people simply disappears and  blood  sacrifices are made to gods and beliefs.

If that woman obeys our Rochas command and moves back to such a land and her son or virgin daughter becomes the desire of the gods, will it be ok to lay the blames on Oga Rochas?


God have mercy! This is outrageous; nowhere in the democratic world would such an act be tolerated. This is absolute madness.



Even if you work for zenith bank and you are asked to move to Maiduguri(Boko Haram territory), as a person , you have a right to say Thank you , but thank you, and reject the posting. Do you get sacked for rejecting a posting?



Do the banks blacklist you never to be employable for rejecting a posting you think would put your live in danger? Affect the advancement of your kids ? put a strain on your marriage ?



If banks who are commercial minded don’t do it why would our Oga Rochas, a democratic elected government who is supposed to be accountable to the people promise to grind and gnash anybody who opposes his/her posting?

To be continued…


Written by: Macjive Ihuoma



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